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Reged: 06/23/08
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Advice on eating please.
      #240500 - 07/07/08 08:35 AM

My partner has full blown AIDS and is going trough a very tough time at the moment. He's been diagnosed with MAS as well and had to undergo an operation recently leaving him very weak and EXTREMELY wasted away. Our Dr also changed his cocktail and the side effects are making it difficult to get him to eat properly.

Basically, can anybody give me some advice as to what I can give him to keep his strenght up and to start getting better? Currently I give him 'Ensure' 3 times a day as he can keep that in, but I'm sure that there are better alternatives. His CD4 count is low but he is undedectable, so the ARV's are working. He's also taking nearly 3000m.g of Antibiotics per day to fight the MAS - some of which also make him naseous...

I'm at my whit's end at the moment. Feel so powerless to help him...

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Reged: 07/10/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240568 - 07/10/08 01:34 AM

i was having the same problem with a partner who could hold nothing down. by starting him out on some potato broth, he was able to restore electrolytes into his digestive system, and within a couple of days was back on the road to eating solids again.

good luck.

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Reged: 07/10/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240570 - 07/10/08 01:58 AM

Having been in a similar situation I guess I can offer my personal insight and experience. First, I can relate to the feelings of powerlessness, and being at one's wits end. As a care giver it is very important to pay attention to your own energies, and make sure you are getting the emmotional and pscyhological support you need. This way you will have more positive (pardon the pun) energy to share. The most important ingredient to healing is the love and care you give. It is also crucial to maintain a vivid image of health and wellness. Visualize your partner at his optimal health. Our minds are not powerless, but very powerfull.
Now for the more mundane. It is good that you both recognize nurtition as a crucial element to help the body rebuild it's depleted resources.
There are some good articles on The Body about dealing with nauseua and side effects as well as nutrition.
Some that I found helpful are
1) Eating small meals that are appealing throught the day.
2) Using digestive enzymes to help maximize nutrient absorbtion
3) Taking a high quality multi that is encaplusated, and can be broken down to 6 or 8 does a day. (ie. avoid taking a lot of vitamins at once) You usually can find these at Naturopathic doctors offices.. brands like Vital Nutrients, PURE Encapsulations. Choose a mutli without Iron, Copper. I personally like Immune Nutrients from Vital Nutrients.
4) keeping hydrated, with low sugar sports drinks.
5) If tolerable, low fat yogurt and/or Adicidophilus supplements to help restore the good bacteria destroyed by the antiboitcs.
6) Appetite stimulants and anti nauseau medication. When I needed it Marional really helped with both.
7) Consider supplements like L-Glutamine to help repair the GI Tract and rebuld muscle, as well as higher quality protein supplements.
8) Exercise now matter how little. Keep that CHI flowing. Even if you can get him/her to press against your hand, lift thier legs.
9) Try to laugh as much as possible. Watch your favorite comedy shows, movies, and feel good flicks.

That's just to mention a few. Everything little thing you can do helps. To paraphrase Mother Theresa, you don't need to do any great deeds.. just small deeds with great love.

Hang in there. You are not alone.

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Reged: 06/23/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240575 - 07/10/08 05:36 AM


The fact that you are looking for some help shows how much you care for him

the best thing you can do to make him feel better is to assure him you will not leave him and that you will stay by his side no matter what.

when people are sick they tend to feel afraid and lonely, dont make him feel he is on his own, show him how much you love him but most of all SAY IT TO HIM, SAY WITH DIRECT WORDS THAT YOU WILL STAY WITH HIM AND HE WILL NEVER EVER BE ALONE

tell him how much you love him and how important he is with you, tell him that now medicine is advancing and that he must be strong to cope with his illness

he needs to feel the desire to live to get his own immune system stronger

I am sure that that will make him feel better, hold his hand while he is sleeping let him wake up and see you next to him

dont cry in front of him be strong so that he may know that everything is going ok

luck and enjoy your love for each other


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Reged: 06/09/06
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240594 - 07/10/08 11:59 PM


KUDOS and hang in there... most of what I told you via private email.. i will say again.

He needs to eat, try mixing some yogurt w the ensure... or even ad some ice cream and make it like a milkshake. I think using vanilla (organic) yogurt w the ensure might help. Try puddings mixed w yogurt.

Watch the processed foods and fatty foods.

I think everything that guy Alex said is really true.

I do my own vitamin regim. However I think that antioxidants are critical. Try Accai (sorr bout the spelling) berry juice. Those new juices at the store (look for them in the refrigerated section) are high in antioxidants and taste great!

The potatoe soup idea was good too..... if he drinks, try a little red wine (there are lots of good things in it too)

HYDRATE, get rid of any sodas, and replace them with waters (regular, vitamin enhanced, etc) and teas. Green tea is high in antioxidants. (add honey to improve the flavor)

Every human body is different and we tolerate and react to things differently. All you can do is try...

I agree, laughter is great!

EXERCISE is key. He needs to go it. Get him to a window to breathe some fresh air... get him out... get him exercising.

It is difficult to laugh all the time, if he needs too, let him cry and cry with him... but get it over... and move past it. That is what survival is about.

I hope some of this helps.

I NEVER thought I would be here let alone be one giving some words of advice or thought.

GOOD LUCK, stay healthy yourself (or you do him no good) and hang in there if you love him.

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Reged: 10/16/07
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Loc: minnesota
Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240616 - 07/11/08 02:49 PM

I hope this can help you.

My ex-wife was diag. with it in January, cd4<17 (not typo), and viral load of >700,000. She was flirting with a urinary infection and a very bad case of thrush. Thrush was making her not want to eat.

I gave her the same natural oil that I was taking, and it worked. Not an advertisement here, it worked for her. She is now undetectable and a >cd4 of 300. Just added 3 lbs, to her very thin frame.

She took a combination of Life 5, and Inner Defense, once a day for 30 days, within 2 weeks she started eating hard food.It seems that this combination works on killing the bad fungi in the gut, and replacing it with a power probiotic.

I hope this helps.

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Reged: 07/12/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240632 - 07/12/08 05:40 PM

I may not be able to tell you what prescriptions should be given to your friend but I would like to say that you are doing a great job for your friend.Today people try to avoid AIDS patient but you are with him is quite enough to boost his moral.I would search all the search engines and will tell you about that as soon as possible.
Addiction Recovery Georgia

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Reged: 06/23/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240649 - 07/14/08 10:15 AM

It's been a few days since I've written this and things have changed dramatically! He's keeping in most of the food that comes his way and the worst of the 'runs' have stopped as well - and this without medication! So, in general he's feeling a lot better but it's still a long way to go...

What I've found works is involving him in the making of the food. Giving him a chair to sit on in the kitchen while I prepare his meals - mostly soup at the moment, but at least it's CHUNCKY veggie soups... And then humour - putting alphabet letters in his soup, spelling something with yogurt in the broth, writing notes, putting them in cling film and putting them at the bottom of the plate.

Thanks for all the good advice y'all! Appreciate it.

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Reged: 05/13/07
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Loc: Phila,Pa
Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240652 - 07/14/08 02:11 PM

Watching you cook is a good idea,when I was really sick and not eating my brother used to put on the Foodnetwork for me to watch,after a while I'd get hungry.
I've had bad diarrhea too and some of the things I found that helped was cutting out ALL caffeine,de-caf coffee,tea,sodas no chocolate either(that was the worst,and I do cheat there)and eating whole grain cereal every morning,something like Raisin Bran or Mini Wheats or a bowl of oatmeal.Check with his Dr before trying any meds like Immodium for the diarrhea though,you never know what may interact with his meds.
I think it's great that you are so patient and caring with him,he's a lucky man.
Take care

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Reged: 06/13/08
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Loc: California, Palm Desert
Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240667 - 07/15/08 01:53 AM

Hello Billie, just want you to know your doing all the right things. With food, rice is always good to add to the diet as well. It is well tollerated and can be added to soups and just about anything else. I have been positive for over 20years and gone thru alot. Your partner is lucky to have you and I know you love him. See if you can get to see a nutriutionist thru the closest aids project, project inform is a great place to look for information as well as the gmhc. they are both easily found at google. Thanks for taking the time to care and share for your partner as well. Your doing all the right things. I know your partner appreciates it as well. I to have a partner that loves me and does whatever he can, its not always easy for him but who said loving someone was going to be easy. God bless us all and the ensure is a great way to keep things working. Take care and keep us informed. Also as someone else said try whole grains and also brown rice cooked in chicken broth it makes a good changeup and keeps one eating. If he gets tired of eating try and ask his doctor about marinol, it will make him hungry. One other thing, my doctor told me 22 years ago was to keep eating. Take care

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Reged: 07/21/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240861 - 07/21/08 08:18 PM

Before I went on Arv's i could not stand the side of food because it made me nauseous, the smell, look of food bitterly made me sick. I wasted away. My partner was at wits end with me and felt very powerless.

We have tried all the tricks in the book, but nothing helped.

Living in South Africa we have a big old farming community, we then started asking advice from the older communities

We then got this advice from a old lady and it worked for me.

Cook a healthy vegetable soup with soft vegetables and small pieces( shredded ) cooked chicken.

When cooked very well, mash veggies and chicken in the pot and cook some more.

In the mean time mash some boiled potatoes with salt only until smooth. When cooled, roll some mashed potatoes balls.

Put some of the small mashed potato balls in a dish and cover with the broth from the soup you cooked. Make sure that very small pieces of veggies and shredded chicken in the broth, before serving.

Freeze well

After 2 days i felt like a new person with energy and my diarrhea also stopped.

You can also put a little bit of tomatoes sauce at the bottom of bowl and slightly mix.

I also then smoked a marijuana joint twice daily ( illegally ) to keep my good mood going and also to give me an appetite.

My weight went from 54 kg to 75kg in 4 weeks and that was 2 years ago.

I now always make sure that i have some of this broth in my freezer and when i feel under the weather, i just pop into microwave then on stove. It works like a bomb and many of my friend use this recipes.

I also find it very relaxing to make this soup and has changed the recipe to suit my taste.

What i use and always the freshest.

Carrots x3 thinly sliced
Celery stalks with green leaves x5 stalks
Parsley- roughly chopped hand full
Turnips ( grated ) x2
Leeks x3 thinly sliced
Cooked chicken breast ( shredded finely )

Add halve parley and celery leaves while cooking and add the rest 15 min before serving.

season to taste

Hope that you find advice helpful


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Reged: 06/23/08
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Re: Advice on eating please. new
      #240939 - 07/24/08 07:35 AM

Baie Dankie JAY,

Will use your advice. Have sent you a private message as well.


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