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      #59191 - 02/19/03 04:01 PM

I have heard all the talk about swollen lymphs as a symptom of HIV.
Here is my story. 6 Dec 02 I had unprotected Vaginal sex with a woman I only new for about an hour(1 time). This was the first time in over 12 years I had sex with someone other my than wife(not much longer).
At 3 days after I got tested for all STSd's and all neg(too soon for most I know).
Then at about 6 days after I got pains in my hip joints. Then 8 days after strange feeling in the tip of my Penis, which stopped at about 3 weeks from encounter. Then at about 12 days swollen glands in the groin. At about 2 1/2 weeks my right eye got irritated and doc said it was dry needed artificial tears(eyes still not right today). Then at about 3 weeks strange feeling in armpits and lower portion of neck(can't see anything when I turn my neck) just feels really strange. The groin, armpit and neck have persisted to the present which is now over 10 weeks from exposure. I have not had any type of febrile illness as you read about just mainly continually swollen nodes.
Doc thought at about 2 + weeks it was herpes and immediately put me on axyclovar(SP) which I stopped taking after 2 weeks since I don't think that is my problem especially with a lack of blisters.
My question is does this sound like HIV infection. I just can't get over all these nodes, they are even in my elbo region and behind the knee(back part of leg). I feel fine as far as doing normal everyday work etc..
I understand you can not diagnose by symptoms, I just want some insight from others experiences/knowledge.
I am scared to death to take test but I know I must and plan to buy home access and take @ 6 Mar(3 months from possible exposure.
One last thing, e-mailed the woman and asked her what her status was and posted below is what she wrote

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been bogged down
here at work, and was trying to avoid personal matters at work, however,
that is difficult when I'm here all the time.
Since the last time I talked with you, I have gone to the doctor twice.
I have been tested for everything. And anything possibly contagious is
negative. I do get tested at least twice a year for my own peace of
mind. I was last tested two weeks ago.
I will be going back to the doctor this Thursday, as a cyst was found,
but as I said, it is not contagious. They are looking to see if it is
cancerous or not. But I will not bother you with my problems, since
they are of no fault to you.
I sympathize for what you are going through and wish the best for you.
Well needless to say I did not beleive her and emailed again asking her to be totally honest as this is not an issue to lie about as I could already be on meds if I was told something other than the truth. Never replied and I HAVE SENT NUMEROUS e-mails since and no reply.
I don't know what to make of all this, I just can't seem to acknowledge the fact I will have to keep living and be HIV pos. I know how stupid I was now and am really down on myself. I had such a good record and had been sooooo monogamous and the POOF. It was gone and now all this??????
Any reply's are welcome. I have truly been awstruck by some of the stories I have read. But I have no hope as I feel I am for sure POS, and will need much support from others.

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Re: Symptoms/Lymphs new
      #59196 - 02/19/03 05:37 PM


Herpes doesn't have to have blisters. I have herpes and never get blisters. Just irritated and sometimes gets what looks like a paper cut. You should get a blood test from your doctor to test you specifically for herpes. Some of your symptoms definetly sound like herpes symptoms. Also, the girl said in her email, that she was tested for all STDs, but in a normal STD screening, they do not test you for herpes. They won't test you for that unless you have lesions presents or you specifically ask for a blood test

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Re: Symptoms/Lymphs new
      #59198 - 02/19/03 06:21 PM

Herpes, would I really have all these swollen lymphs. They are real and not imagined, although you cannot see them I can feel them/not with my hands but you know in my body, just a something not right in those areas feeling and a bit uncomforrtable. I wish it were only Herpes and I would laugh at my self and keep my stuff in my pants from now until eternity, unless I use a condom.

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Re: Symptoms/Lymphs/gregg,gman,jackieblue,other eg new
      #59208 - 02/19/03 09:00 PM

Please give me advice to my scenario. I am worried to death over this. I think I know the answer but need some advice.

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Re: Symptoms/Lymphs new
      #59232 - 02/20/03 02:16 PM

Ok, hereís my opinion.

Lymph nodes swell for thousands of reasons. They are the immune system filters and so to swell they are doing their job. As I said they can swell for thousands of reasons. I have been HIV positive now for over 4 years on unless I have a cold or flu or other medical issue I donít have swollen nodes. I probably did at the beginning when I was just infected, but I if I did I didnít even notice.

STRESS is one of the many thousand things that can cause nodes to swell. Stress can also cause lack of sleep, rashes and tons of other things. I have posted symptoms of stress on here many times, I can try to locate one of my last posts and re-post it if you want.

The only way you can know if you are HIV positive or not is to have a blood test done. THATĒS IT! There are no other ways to tell.

As for the e-mail it sounds to me like she answered your questions quite well and was very polite in her answers to you. She told you that she has goes in twice a year for her own peace of mind, it sounds to me as if she is being responsible (at least with testing tho not with having protected sex, but that is her business not mine)

As for her not replying to your ďNUMEROUSĒ additional e-mails I wouldnít have either. She answered your questions yet you continue to badger her for an answer she has already given.

Iím sorry if this sounds heartless, however youíre the one who took your dick out of your pants and cheated on your wife. Your not the victim here, your wife is. I think that guilt in your part is also playing a major role in what is going on for you. I have seen countless people come into this board worried that they have HIV, getting tested and not believing the test results because of symptoms they have and canít explain. I would say that 9 times out of 10 they come to realize that they are creating the symptoms themselves as a punishment for not thinking with the right head. While I sympathize with you for what you are going through, you have only one choice to make. Get tested at 3 months and then believe your results and move on. If after 3 months you donít believe your results then you need to seek out the help of a counselor and deal with the issues of your adultery.

Again Iím sorry if this sounds like a slap upside the head, but sometimes I have found that those are the only thing that people listen to.

I wish you the best and hope that everything works out for you. Keep us informed on how things go.


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Re: Symptoms/Lymphs new
      #59235 - 02/20/03 03:07 PM

Thanks for the info Gregg. I knowit was definatelywrong to do what I did, 100%! I did tell my wife if that is any justice for myself. Although I was backed into it by my fear of contracting HIV! Since I did not want to put her at any risk she does not deserve. It has cost me plenty. But I have knowone to blame exept poor pitiful ME!
I still am worried about what is wrong with me though, cant nderstand how stress could cause which seems to me all of my LYmphs to swell, not visibly but that uncomfortable feeling, going on now for over 2 months, even extends down into my arms and legs. Strange! Reading, has helped me come to the realization that if I am HIV POS that I can deal with it, just hate to think of all the pain I will cause to all my family and friends. Guess I should have thought of that before I cheated. Hindsight is 20/20.
Still have not figured out what made me go thru with it. I was faithful for over 12 years(my entire Marriage) and travel extensively with my JOB and though I had the chance the desire was never there???????
Anyway thanks for you words and the verbal toungelashing. I deserve it.

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