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Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation
      #30205 - 03/20/02 04:08 PM

I have seen several postings about Home Access.....I would really like some answers.

1. Is the Home Access test currently available in stores 1st, 2nd or 3rd Generation ELISA test?

2. What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation Elisa Tests?

3. I have read a post that said 3rd generation will pick up the antibodies by 8 weeks......What about 1st or second? What kind of studies have been done with those?

4. If Home Access is 1st generation, do most clinics use 3rd Generation?

I am a bit confused by all of this. I take my 8 week on Saturday and am using Home Access..........Would I have a better likelyhood of getting a more definitive antibody test if I went to a clinic?

Hope this finds you all well. I am dealing with this on a day to day basis. HAd a slight night sweat last night. My muscles and nodes hurt in the evening when I am tired. During the day, they hurt a bit but nothing much....I am still very scared and confused as unlike alot of you, my symptoms (except my geographic tongue) have all gone away....You all seem to be holding on to your symptoms.....
Thanks for any insight you can shed onto this.

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Re: Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation new
      #30210 - 03/20/02 04:38 PM

A few of us are also dealing with this Geographic tounge thing. Ive been talking to this guy that has had it and he too tested negative. What type of problems are you having with your tounge. Is it worse in the morning? Does it hurt or burn a little. What makes you believe its not thrush
Also if your worried about home acess theres a place by you anonymous next day $100 Your in Miami right

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Re: Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation new
      #30211 - 03/20/02 04:42 PM

Home Access is 1st generation. As far as I know there never was a 2nd generation. Why? I don't know. From what I have read the 3rd generation can detect the virus about a week earlier than Home Access, BUT by 3 months both generations are definitive (meaning if you test negative with Home Access at 3 months (12 weeks) then you can 'take it to the bank'.

As far as your symptoms. I have yet to read anything you've written about them that would lead me to believe that HIV is the only reason for them. BTW, slight night sweats are nothing. Could have just been the temp in the room. When they talk about night sweats they are talking about bed drenching.

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Re: Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation new
      #30212 - 03/20/02 04:42 PM

I would ask a differnet question than will it pick up at 8 weeks. I would ask self if are going to be comfortable at 8 weeks. It most likely would pick it up, but experts say wait three months.

My hunch is that it would probably be very indicative one way or another at 8 weeks but my guess is also that you will still go back for another at 3 months anyway.

Wait three months, test and then go live your life.

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Re: Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation new
      #30218 - 03/20/02 05:42 PM

My Geographic tongue has been diagnosed by 2 Dr's as such. Yes, it is worse in the morning....Does not burn at all. It will brush off but returns later.

My night sweat (slight) was in an ice cold room. I keep it very cool in my room. I have only had two of these since this ordeal began.

Yes, I would feel comfortable with an 8 week test. I would go for a 3 month test as I have a responsibility to my wife. Three months is "Da Bomb!" If I test neg at 3 months, I am done testing and back to my life. I would look much more favorably on life if my 8 week came back neg.....I will know a week from today. I send the test in on Sat and usually get the results back on Wednesday.
I think my six week and my four week are good signs I will be ok.....One would think at 6 weeks, I would be indeterminate if I was going to test poz at 8 weeks. Like I have been told, there is nothing certain in all this.
Anything else anyone can answer or help with would be great. I appreciate all the help and support you have all given.......

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      #30232 - 03/20/02 07:00 PM

Dear FC-Neg,

You probably had read some of my posts - if you haven't please do. There are some similarities with what I had felt as you do and tested negative at 4 months.

Like tongue, like those little pain they go around there and everywhere, and last for very short period of time, like night sweats (light once), etc etc. Almost exactly as you described them.

We are all reading too much I think and than we are trying to interpret all those reading ourselves the way it suit us - and at the moment it suit one for some bizzare reason to still beleive it is still positive.

Whether is driven by the guilt, by symptoms, by some other uknown "forces" but it is fact - that mind works with your body and drives you to continue to beleive in what you want - and at the moment you want to beleive you are positive. There is some underlining condition that makes us all to feel that way.

Your six weeks test was so good you will never beleive it how good it was, and if you read Joe Gallant who is one of top clinician I cane across you will find one of his statement that says "VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WILL TEST POSITIVE BY 6 WEEKS".

Vast majority - so what makes you to think (and myself before) that you (or I) are not part of Vast Majority - do you really think that you (I) are so special. That your body is so different, not producing antibodies etc.

Just please beleive that your 6 weeks test is EXTREMELY good sign.

Hope this helps - little bit.

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Re: night sweats new
      #30239 - 03/20/02 07:56 PM

I have had night sweats for years due to arthritis. Some of mine have indeed drenched the bed to the point where i had to get up and change sheets and I am very much HIV negative. My doctors have told me that the body regulates temperature to burn food, remove or kill toxins to keep warm. If for instnace you eat or drink a lot before going to bed you may sweat. If you exercised before bed you may sweat. It only takes a small change in core temp to cause this to happen, so could be anything.

So don't sweat it. Test at three and go in piece.

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Re: night sweats et al. new
      #30245 - 03/20/02 08:47 PM

Thank you for your posts.....I did eat a rather large amount before going to bed last night......That makes me feel better.
I am happy about my six week test. I will be even happier about my 8 week and 12 weeks tests if they come back neg. Everything I have read/heard leads me to believe I am neg.....Even if there was blood in the guys mouth, the saliva could have deactivated almost 90% of the HIV. (IF there was blood....) I came across an interesting post on oral sex. I will send a link a bit later when I am on a different computer. I hope it will help others.
I appreciate all the concern and help as well as words of encouragement everyone has given me. One week from today I will get my 8 week result back...........a little over three weeks after that I will have my 12 week result. I continue to read my Bible and say my prayers for me and all of you.
I am holding on to the hope. The only concern I have about the 6 week test is that it was Home Access and it is 1st generation. I just want closure to all of this.......

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Re: night sweats et al. new
      #30247 - 03/20/02 09:10 PM

Hang tough my man. Adversity and hardship build character. you will pul through this and come out fine and a whole lot smarter.

The thing to do over the next few weeks is to do less dwelling and more contemplating about what you will do with second chance you have been given and knowledge you now posses. You have a great opportunity to be a better man and would be a shame to waist that opportunity. Throw some energy that way and relax.

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Re: night sweats et al. new
      #30250 - 03/20/02 09:15 PM

Even if you have been involved with Dracula - he would not have that much blood in his mouth to infect you.

Take this scenario, unless the penetration happened there is no risk of transmission - according to Ryan Kull, I read some post when somebody asked - his penis has touuched and was rubing bottom of another guy - was he at risk. Ryan's answer was that no penetration no risk.

Now, FC-Neg, can you tell me how could guy penetrate you with his tongue - what does he have in his tongue - if he was touching your skin outside and around even with blood HIV will not go via your skin. Just think about those lines please if you can understand what I am trying to say.

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Re: Home Access - 1st or 3rd Generation new
      #30308 - 03/21/02 05:57 PM


Just wanted to respond to your questions concerning the differences between the 1st and 3rd generation Elisa Tests.

1. The Home Access test is a 1st generation ELISA.

2. The difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation
ELISA’s is the sensitivity. 3rd generation is more
sensitive than 1st generation.

3. So, yes, 3rd generation can pick up the antibodies
earlier than a 1st generation test. However 3rd
generation picks the antibodies up only 5-10 days
earlier (Constantine N. et al. 1994, AIDS,
8:1715-1720) than the 1st generation during
seroconversion (the period when the HIV-1 infected
person is changing from antibody-negative to
antibody-positive). However, if a sample is reactive
on either the 1st generation OR the 3rd generation
ELISA, it will still need to be tested by a
confirmatory test. Confirmatory tests are less
sensitive than ELISA; detecting a positive result
after an average of 40-50 days. Thus, it doesn’t
matter which generation of ELISA is used. You are
still going to get the same result, at the same time,
if your sample is reactive.

4. No, most clinics do not use 3rd generation ELISA’s
because they are more expensive. So, you will receive
the same result with a clinic as you would with the
Home Access test. 3rd generation ELISA’s are run at
the blood banks for testing the national blood supply.
They are not usually run on individual samples.

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