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sick for a year now
      #2215 - 04/04/00 11:26 PM

hello, i am very depressed now that i have reached my birthday and i am in my second yr. of college. i located this site last yr. when i thought i might have been injected with the hiv virus. no i do not use drugs and during the time i was a virgin but even though i was a virgin and did not use drugs i still experienced the symptoms of hiv infection: first it started with my lymphnodes under my chin swelling up to the size of golf balls, than my lymphnodes under my arms, than night sweats, than chills, burning tongues, fatigue, anxiety attacks, sinus and ear infections that would not go away, body trembles, and other numerous symptoms. After so long i gained the will to get tested and it came back negative, this was six months ago, i have not had unprotected sex or used any needles or drugs, yet i still experience these symptoms randomly, my doctors have run test with no results, i am even at this time suffering from a burning tongue, and swollen lymphnodes...........this past summer these things began to seriously get to me causing depression, and a lack of emotion towards anything, ultimately i became suicidely as i am today, with no care or love for anythiing..................i have tested negative yet i still feel positive ............................what is the deal?

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Re: sick for a year now new
      #2216 - 04/04/00 11:27 PM


First, hang in there. I've been through a lot of the same physical symptoms you've had, and I still test negative more than 1 year past any possible exposure. Swollen glands, really bad night sweats, a burning tounge that constantly hurts. The list goes on. I've had three different doctors check me out, and they can't find anything wrong. Over the last few months, I've FINALLY started to feel better. My lymph node swelling stopped, and my tounge is finally starting to look normal (although not quite).

The symptoms you have are like the symptoms many of us have. They sound like HIV, but then again, they sound like a hundred other viruses that are out there. I was focused on HIV for so long that I wouldn't accept anything other than a diagnosis of HIV.

All I can tell you is that it does get better. If you read these boards, you'll send a bunch of people with the same symptoms who continue to test negative. There's no way all of these people have HIV and test negative for this long. Now I'm at the point where I'm kicking myself for wasting a year of my life worrying about HIV. My advice: get one final test (which it sounds like will be negative), get a complete physical (if you haven't had one lately), and most importantly, find someone to talk to about this. I had a couple of friends I was able to confide in who helped me through this. I couldn't have done it alone. If this isn't a good option, talk to someone at your local HIV testing center about some counseling to try to help you get through this.

It will get better

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Re: sick for a year now new
      #2217 - 04/04/00 11:27 PM

hi, i just read the 2 posts before me and i had to comment.
i am so sorry you guys have gone thru this. i am 23 years old,
(female, heterosexual) and i have had the EXACT almost word
for word experience as you guys are describing. i am presently awaiting my test results (this is my 8th freaking test) and i will find out tomorrow. ALL of my tests have been negative and i have not engaged in ANY sexual acts in 2 years , i even had the PCR viral load test twice. i was so scared because when you read about hiv symtpoms they sound like what i had, the thinhg with the tongue i can totally relate to, it has driven me crazy. i had a bad bad flu 2 years ago and have never been quite the same. i convinced myself i had hiv and no matter what the tests said i still believed i had it. i pry to god this last test is negative. if it is then i am moving on with my life. i think there really are viruses out there that no one really knows about. i had the swollen glands under my arms, in my neck, just reallllly scarey. i had never been sick before this. to the first guy who posted, why do you think you were injected?? do you KNOW that? did you actually FEEL someone inject a needle in you?? tell me about htat, i am curious. i think that part of me freaking out so bad is that i have always been an over reactive person and had a high strung personality. i dont know if htat is the case with you guys but i worry too much anwyays and it adds fuel to the fire. i would love to talk to you more. please write back. god bless and i believe we are gonna be ok. i will write back and tell ya about my tes results, pray for me! love, me , ps. did either of you have pains under your arms from the glands? that is what really scared me!

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Re: sick for a year now new
      #2219 - 04/04/00 11:27 PM

Just a note to let you know that I too am suffering from the samae type of symptoms. About a year and a half ago I ended up with some sort of urogenital burning. My mouth burned and my skin on my palms began to peel. I had swelling in the lymph nodes along the face of the arms, the back of the knees and the neck. I had awfull night sweats, pain in my lower back and the front of my shins. My eyes it seemed were always red and my skin at times seemed to feel that it was burning.

During the last 6 months things seemed to have improved a bit. The only things that really bother me now are that my knuckles and knees get like a white powder on them, my tongue often gets furry and white (If I eat something colored, my tongue will remain that color as if were stained), I get tremmors during the evening and sometimes it feels as if I am walking on hot coals(my feet and toes burn).

I have had my last set of tests exactly a year after I got sick and all tests show up normal.

I have not had any known exposures to HIV and up until last year, I was healthy as a horse.

The good news is that whatever it is, it is not HIV as we know it. I sometimes get concerned that maybe some of the retrovial drugs that people have been given may have mutated the virus somehow so that it is no longer detectable.

Please let my know what your thoughts are and if my symptoms are similar.


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Re: sick for a year now new
      #132408 - 12/30/04 03:16 AM

I think you all may have cat scrath fever, or something along that line. Any of you have any abcesses anywhere?
My younger brother worked for a Chicken processing company. He vacinated chicken for Con Agra in various people's chicken houses. he was stuck by a needle, and within three weeks was running high fevers, sweats, chills, and all of his lymph nodes were swollen. The ones in his groin area and under his armpits were huge. He had a horrible "dry mouth" and scores of mouth ulcers and throat ulcers. he was in the hospital for close to a month. They could not find what was wrong with him so they treated him with antibiotics; this made him worse! The corners of his mouth cracked open and he developed a raging yeast infection in his digestive tract, and a lung fungus. Con Agra swore that they used no live viruses in their vacination program; but after a month, the center for Disease Control in Atlanta got a warrant for vaccine samples, and guess what? They were lying. There was a live virus, and it was exactly what he had. He suffered permenent heart damage from when the virus infected the lining of his heart.
While I am sure you all have some weird virus, I am also sure if you go to enough doctors and make the mistake of letting them overdose you on meds, you will get worse. Have any of you ever asked any doctor about going on any anti-virals? Just to see?
Another thing to ask if you have a lot of cold sores and mouth and throat ulcers, is to ask about the chicken pox vaccine. You may have had chicken pox, but I have known people that had some of these same symtoms and out of desperation their doctors have tried the chicken pox vaccine; they have gotten better.
First and foremost, get checked for all the different kinds of arthritises and Lupus, just to be on the safe side. Whatever you do, do not take any steroids; it will make most viruses worse, or even deadly!

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