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HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O?
      #101213 - 07/12/04 12:17 AM

We didn't even know about HIV until the 1980's. So, we invented a HIV1 test, only to find there is a HIV2. So, we invented a HIV2 only to find out there is a HIV-O. Why are we so ignorant to think there couldn't be another strain...for which we should be making another only makes sense. It easy to predict the future by looking at the past. According to Barlett and Gallant (Hopkins) Group N is another recognized strain that "may be positive on WB".....or how about this-->yet another mutuation? What is the harm in us questioning the validity of the tests to ensure they are at their best? What makes us think the tests and the doctors are GOD? Perhaps if we start questioning them, we can make them better! Doctors only become experts when they listen to their patients. So make your doctors listen to you. Its your body. Its your health. And if your doctor doesnt like it. go get another one. There were like 3 new strains of the flu last year, and my annual shot protected me for none of them. Why think HIV mutates any differently?

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #101215 - 07/12/04 12:25 AM

Very well said!! I never thought about that!

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #101217 - 07/12/04 12:32 AM

This is a great point. I truthfully have never met a doctor that was not a complete idiot, yet people look at them as being god like you said.

The biggest problem with this board and the medical industry in itself is that it is filled with Demmocratic Liberals.

The reason that I make this point is because like a Liberal the people on this board and the medical industry can not think outside the box.

They have a positive attitude and out of sight out of mind.

As unpopular as this may be to say the reason that I post this is because its my life that they are screwing up and a lot of other people as well.

Play games and destroy yourself but don't do it to others.

Well I guess that that will never happen because the libs feed on the uninformed. They can't be honest or they will not survive.

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #101235 - 07/12/04 02:39 AM

You know, everyday I come here to actually help others, I always see where you have put your lousy 2 cents in again. Look- stop looking on the internet for articles to scare people. Take your 2 cents and shove it.

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JESS? new
      #101239 - 07/12/04 02:55 AM

are you implying I am not helping?

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #101245 - 07/12/04 04:25 AM

What is your opinion? Following intercourse (unprotected insertive
vaginal) with a sex worker in the Philippines in July, 2002 I
experiences a flu-like illness 3 weeks later. Most symptoms subsided
in a week or so, some lasted a longer. Symptoms included:
1. Facial dermatitis
2. Fatigue
3. Malaise
4. Muscle aches
5. Painful red patch in mouth (?)
6. Rash on chest
7. Dramatic loss of appetite and weight (~10%)
8. Painless genital ulceration.
9. Night Sweats
It is my understanding that many of these symptoms are statistically
significant for HIV ARS.

In the many months following I have experienced many diagnosed
medical conditions and issues, some minor, others more bothersome,
such as:

1. Onset of severe acne
2. Benign growth in floor of mouth
3. Bump inside lower lip, possible enlarged salivary glands
4. Hair growth abnormalities
5. Re-occurring muscle aches with elevated muscle enzyme tests
6. Dry mouth, dry eyes and dry skin
7. Elbow infection
8. Multiple rashes on neck, trunk and arms
9. Lower leg & foot pain, burning sensation, areas which feel
bruised (neuropathy?)
10. Multiple fibrous papules on nose
11. Re-occurring oral ulcerations and aphthous ulcers
12. Skin pigmentation changes
13. Plantar and genital warts
14. Possible psoriasis and other unknown skin lesions
15. Red, blotchy skin on face? Sehborreic Dermatitis?
16. Re-occurring dry cough and runny nose
17. Seborrheic keratoses
18. Stucco keratosis
19. Intermittent pain in groin/neck areas
20. Fatigue and tiredness

It is well documented that skin disorders, myalgias, neuropathies and
oral ulcerations are very prevalent for HIV infection, correct? Most
recently (Since February 2004) I have had persistent swollen lymph
nodes in jaw area, under the armpits and in the groin. It is my
understanding that this is a very common early indicator of HIV
disease. I have also been diagnosed by biopsy to have Grover's'
disease a skin rash (transient acantholytic dermatosis), I understand
this typically affects older men (>50) and is indicative of a
lymphoproliferative disorder most of the time, (I am only 38).. I
have read on a few sites about HIV positive individuals being
diagnosed with this disorder.

Based upon my sexual exposure and clinical history it seems highly
possible that I may have been infected with the HIV virus. However I
have repeatedly tested negative via ELISA and PCR RNA testing.
However it is also my understanding that the standard ELISA test used
is very reliable for diagnosing HIV-1, Group M (all subtypes)
infections but may not detect HIV-1 group O or Group N infections and
standard PCR RNA testing is only accurate for HIV-1, Group M, sub-
type B and may under-detect or not detect viruses of other subtypes
and certainly not of different groups, (Amplicor version 1.5 will
detect all group M subtypes). It should also be noted that the
Philippines has been found to exhibit very high HIV viral diversity
within the country. All the Group M, subtypes and group O viruses
have been documented in that country. This most likely due to the
migratory work practices and the legalized sex trade that is
prevalent in the country.

I also believe it is ignorant to conclude that a infection with a
rare strain is impossible as one must be aware that the 900,000 or so
cases in the U.S. began form a small number of people with a "Rare"
disease at the time. I also think rare strains would be more likely
to spread if adequate detection and testing systems are not currently

PLEASE give me your thoughts.

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You have got to be kidding me... new
      #101246 - 07/12/04 04:45 AM

You are absolutely right, viruses do mutate, but anything that changes for a reason. You are right, HIV has mutated, and will do it in the future, but HIV is a virus that is an EPIDEMIC. It is an epidemic that continues to claim lives and is a virus that is thriving. There is no need for it to mutate every year, and so it wouldn't. Even if there was a new strain out, it would not be of an epidemic status and I would seriously doubt very many people who come here for advice actually having it. All you are doing by posting something like this is making people sweat and pushing them to get tested a million times for the next few years. Stop trying to give out unsupported theories and give paranoia and stress to people who just do not need it.

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Re: JESS? new
      #101266 - 07/12/04 01:28 PM

No, I'm not implying, I am directly saying YOU ARE NO HELP. You just seem to like making people sweat. People get their tests and relax a bit and here you come with your lousy 2 cents again.

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Re: JESS? new
      #101267 - 07/12/04 01:37 PM

My2CENT - Read my story "I am a link in a chain of sick people" (dated June 11, 2004). Jess, if are trully prepared to hear my story email me at and I am more than happy to share it with you, as I am currently trying to get a media outlet to pick it up.

I agree there's a lot of bul*sh*t on this site. But, it is not supplied by me! I supply only the facts, provided by the most progressive research facilities in this country (namely Hopkins & AMFAR). I quote it all. Why? because I talk to these folks every day of my life.

I repeat, if youre looking for bad karma, you need to look inside yourself, because, knowing my personal situation, I am trying to help other people who come here for information. A place, where I came a year and a half ago and I was let down by what I found. If you want to vent, take it to some other clueless posters on this site.

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #101268 - 07/12/04 01:44 PM

Read my story "I am a link in a chain" (dated June 11). Email me, let's chat offline.

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Re: HIV-1? HIV-2? HIV-O? new
      #140154 - 04/15/05 05:06 PM

This is utterly stupid,

yes - HIV-1 and HIV-2 mutate all the time. However, serological tests - as well as PCRs - are targeted at documentable stable sequences of the virus. Health authorities and companies scan the globe for new varieties all the time. Remember - if there was an undetectable strain out there, people would die from seronegative AIDS, which they don´t do. The last undetectable strain was the HIV-1 group N found in a few patients in the late 1990s in Cameroon. Those were detected by reverse transcriptase PCRs which can detect all retroviruses of ANY kind (meaning: all possible HIV strains). However, group N has not been seen outside a few areas in Africa where it is found in exceptionally small numbers. Most modern serological tests detect this as well as many simean retroviruses (SIV) only found in monkeys until now.

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