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Jul 31, 2009

Dear Dr. Bob,

First of all, I, like most people who post and read, think you're a saint. As I was reading, I got angry at the far too many rude, angry or just plain mean questions I found in the archives, so I started a lengthy diatribe about it. Then I cooled off and figured I wouldn't waste your time. Then I read "Mary - New York"'s post once more and got mad all over again. So I'm back, but I'll try to be brief.

Here are some "rules" I think people should follow before they post at "The Body."

1. Civility is mandatory! The anonymity of the internet doesn't give you the right to be a jerk.

2. Insults or insulting posts will NOT be tolerated! Dr. Bob--like all the other experts here--is a 100% volunteer. I can't imagine how much of a chunk answering these posts takes out of his day, but he does it out of the goodness of his heart. I can't believe anyone would be mean or rude.

3. If you want to believe that a conspiracy of the government and corporations and pharm companies and doctors are covering up the secret that snorting beetle poop cures all illnesses, fine...go ahead and believe it. But posting your accusations to one of "the enemy" seems pointless, and THIS IS NOT THE APPROPRIATE FORUM.

4. Most of us who post are feeling very anxious and scared. This forum is a godsend because we get honest and accurate information from someone who has dedicated his life to medicine and fighting HIV/AIDS. If your post falls into any of the above categories, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE DR. BOB AND THE OTHER EXPERT'S TIME AND DO NOT BOTHER TO POST!!! Then maybe they will have more time for the legitimate questions.

Thanks again, Dr. Bob! If you're ever in Los Angeles, let me know, and I'll gladly take you out to dinner!

David B.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi David,

Thanks for your support. I was hoping Miss Manners would someday write in and chastise these rude numbskulls. I can only guess these ill-mannered questioners must have mood rings that are a perpetual foul brown color. And I'm quite sure these angry wingnuts also lead some pretty miserable lives. Their posts are the antithesis of compassion (and often common sense). I choose to post these comments primarily to remind our gentle readers that these folks exist! Some are religiously misguided zealots, like church lady (see below); others are just plain whacko. Nonetheless I do try to enlighten them to science-based facts.

Thanks again David. I like you even better than Miss Manners! I'm in Los Angeles fairly often. Perhaps our paths will someday cross.

Be well.

Dr. Bob

Just admit you are not trying to live by the Bible (PERSISTENT CHURCH LADY RETURNS) Feb 11, 2008

I am not judging you in any way but the Bible seems to be very clear in the fact you are living a lifestyle that is sinful and perverted. Notice the word used for men lusting after men is "vile".

Scriptures say exactly why the wrath of God abides on the homosexuals: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who withhold the truth in unrighteousness.... because when they knew God they glorified Him not as God but became vain in their imaginations.... Professing themselves to wise, they became fools, ..... Wherefore God gave them up to dishonor their bodies among themselves...Who exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worship and served the creature more than the Creator... FOR THIS CAUSE God gave them up to vile affections....and likewise the men also, leaving the NATURAL use of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another, men with men,... receiving in themselves THE JUST RECOMPENSE FOR THEIR ERROR,... God gave them over to a reprobate mind,.... filled with all unrighteousness, ...full of envy, murder, deceit,....haters of God,...proud,...without understanding,...who, KNOWING THE JUDGMENT OF GOD, that they which commit such things ARE WORTHY OF (ETERNAL) DEATH..." (Romans 1: 18-32)

I think Church Lady is trying to help you out of your state of ignorance. The people the Bible speaks of earlier didn't realize they were in great sin until it was too late and I'm afraid you will not either.

If you are not going to change your lifestyle at least admit you are not trying to live a Christian life.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Are you back again?

OK, dearie, one last time: If the Bible "seems" clear that I am "living a lifestyle that is sinful and perverted," the Bible (or at least your twisted interpretation of it) is clearly wrong. Most importantly science and the entire field of medicine have definitively determined sexual orientation is not a "lifestyle" choice! Your choosing to spend Sunday mornings waving your arms in the air and singing hymns off key is a lifestyle choice. Being gay is not. Despite your gobbledygook quotes, I certainly will not "admit" I am not trying to live a Christian life. In fact, the way I see it, my life is far more "Christian" than most and perhaps you are one who should admit that. Although I doubt that will ever happen. Now I must remind you that this is an AIDS information Web site dedicated to saving lives, not a forum for proselytizing to save souls. So this discussion ends here.

I'll say a prayer to the higher powers for you. No, really, I will. Your condescending judgmental nature and close-mindedness certainly need it.

Dr. Bob


Why is it that the most closed-minded people think the rest of us need their twisted vision of enlightenment???

I know that question was rhetorical, but... in case the false Christian is still reading, I'll over simplify just for them.

Fears of being alone and being wrong. "If they aren't alone, then they must not be wrong."

Response from Dr. Frascino


Well put! It's amazing how many of them have decided to drink the Kool-Aid! Isn't it? (See below)

Dr. Bob

Wouldn't mock the Bible if I were you! Feb 9, 2008

I, like "Church Lady" do believe that the Bible calls homosexuality a sin and sex before marriage a sin. The fact you have brought forth many examples, mainly out of the Old Testament and meant for that time, does not mean it is ok for you to purposely sin against God.

And yes, Jesus is very reasonable and yes Jesus does not want, but commands you to stay away from homosexuality and sex before marriage. This was not a suggestion but a command that if not followed will lead to doom no matter how many times you mock the Bible.

"Church Lady" is correct and one day you will wish you had given her Bible-beased thoughts more consideration. I promise you she is trying to lead you from a path of destruction.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Let me get this straight. So all those ridiculous rules and various "abominations" that I quoted from the Bible were "mainly out of the Old Testament and meant for that time," but the equally ludicrous claim that homosexuality is an abomination also drawn from the Old Testament is somehow still relevant??? Hmm . . . is it just me or is your logic more than a bit whacko???

Sorry sweetie, you'll have to take your nonsense and negativism elsewhere. It holds no power here. And by they way Miss Holier-Than-Thou, what are you doing lurking here on the sex channel anyway???

Dr. Bob

Church Lady got you on this one! (CHURCH LADY AND HER BIBLE RULES) Feb 8, 2008

You have listed a large number of things you have done that you count as good. What you have not done is profess a belief in Jesus Christ for your salvation (at least not in your response). Also, if you have put your faith in Jesus Christ to save you then you must also do his will which is to follow the Bible which clearly calls homosexuality a sin.

You are obviously confusing your will with the will of God. You obviously have someone you love very much and cannot see yourself without him. But to confuse that with God's will is still sin no matter how long you have been together. Your works will not get you into heaven but will be judged for reward once you are there.

I don't expect my words to immediately influence you but may plant a seed that will develop later. Until then please take care.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Churchy-Guy,

Yikes! You think Church Lady "got me" on her rant??? (See below.) Respectfully I would have to disagree. So God's will is I should abandon the love of my life and a 14-year union and I should wait until marriage to have sex??? Hmm . . . . I don't think Jesus, who seems like a pretty reasonable guy to me, would agree. Besides, since gays can't get married, due to rightwing wing-nuts like you, that would mean I would never ever have sex again??? Hmm . . . I'm Italian, so that's impossible, OK? So you are apparently a Bible literalist? Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. You believe that all gay people should heed Leviticus 18:22 which clearly states homosexuality is an abomination. End of debate. OK , that being the case could you also explain some of the other specific laws in the bible and how to follow them? For example:

When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

My buddy would like to sell his daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15:19- 24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?

Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

I do hope you'll be able to help me with those problems, just as your reading my forum has hopefully helped you with your pent-up sexual frustrations. In the meantime, I will not be working to get into your twisted version of heaven, but rather continue to help others here on earth. And to use your quotes, "I don't expect my words to immediately influence you but may plant a seed that will develop later. Until then please take care."

Dr. Bob

Enlightened ???

Feb 6, 2008

The "Obama-Hillary" debate from a couple of nights ago was finally civil due to the fact they were told by the Democratic Party that their childish ramblings in past debates were driving undecided voters to McCain. Please don't give these two too much credit or I will really think you don't understand politics.

As for being enlightened, if you call living your life in a gay relationship being enlightened then you my friend are the one that needs enlightened. You obviously don't think homosexuality is a sin and have confessed that you believe in evolution even though the bible is very clear on both. This means you are either a christian living out of the will of God or a non-christian. I am not sure which you are but either way you truly need to be enlightened.

By the way, God wins in the end so you can defend your position on gays and evolution if you would like but I would rather take God's side.

What you call being positive about sex I call promotion of sexual impurity. You have constantly promoted sex out of a committed relationship (i.e. marriage) by cheering for people that have had one night stands (as long as they wear a condom of course). Even if you have a strong sexual perversion don't you think you should encourage these people to get their acts straight or would them getting their acts straight make you feel abnormal??

Response from Dr. Frascino


Why is it that the most closed-minded people think the rest of us need their twisted vision of enlightenment???

"You obviously don't think homosexuality is a sin . . . ." Yep, you got that one right! ". . . and you have confessed that you don't believe in evolution even though the bible is very clear on both." Yep, despite the odd use of the word "confessed," you are correct once again! I'm not at all surprised that you find my medically sound and scientifically based view of a healthy sex life to be "promotion of sexual impurity" and refer to a healthy sexual appetite as "sexual perversion." Well, I do agree the higher powers will have their way in the end and I'm willing to bet SHE is not going to be very happy with your self-righteous, sex-phobic bullshit. By the way, Church Lady, exactly what are you doing here lurking on the sex channel anyway??? I'm sure in your "enlightened world" even reading my comments must be a sin. When judgment day does come, I'll gladly stake my life's work dedicated to helping those in need as an HIV/AIDS physician specialist, as cofounder of two medical clinics devoted to the compassionate and comprehensive care of people living with HIV/AIDS, as founder and president of a not-for-profit charitable organization that has raised well over one million dollars for men, women and children in desperate need living with HIV/AIDS around the world and as an advocate of HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment. In addition I gladly compare my 14-year loving relationship with my partner Steve (Dr. Steve, the expert in The Body's Tratamientos forum) to any other union, "sanctified" or not. By the way dearie, what do you have to show for your Bible-driven life?

Well, as Glinda the Good Witch told the Wicked Witch of the West, "Be gone. You have no power here."

Dr. Bob

Can't work your way into heaven! (CHURCH LADY / BAD KARMA)) Feb 9, 2008

ALL your good works are but filthy rags to God. All that matters as far as salvation is whether you have given your life to Christ and have repented for your sins. The Bible can be no clearer on the fact homosexuality is a sin so poke your chest back in and realize what is important because you will never work your way into heaven my friend.

Response from Dr. Frascino


All my good works are but filthy rags to God???? Hmm . . . Ohhhhh SHE is going to be soooo pissed you said that! Loads of bad karma coming your way lady. Don't walk under any ladders or carry and umbrella in a lightening storm, OK?

What else can I say about all you extra-chromosome Bible-thumpers who lurk around here on the Sex Channel???

So many rightwing religious zealots; so few lions.

Dr. Bob


homosexuality is a sin and nations have been destroyed because of it!!

Response from Dr. Frascino


There are whole gay nations? WOW, who knew? And when can I get a ticket to go visit?

Repent? Rather than subject myself to your fear and hate-mongering beliefs, I'd rather have my ears removed with a cheese grater while getting a root canal.

Dr. Bob

Respose about all those church going ppl (READER RESPONSE TO CHURCH LADY) Feb 10, 2008

Hi Dr. Bob I wrote to you some time back just to say what an excellent job!!! I think that your doing. I am not hiv positive nor do I have a question and I'm female. I continue to read you forum because I just find it to be so enlightening and informative but of recent I see these "christains" writing in to let you know that homosexuality is a "sin" and that your headed straight to hell for this horrible act. I just wanted to say I strongly admire your responses to them - you put them right in their place. If they are so godly and living a christain life then why are they being so judgemental and condeming - like who died and and put them in charge. I totally agree with you when you ask what are they doing reading stuff on the sex channel - should't they be doing some charity work or something instead. May be they should take an example from you who from I can tell is totally devoted to your work of helping others. May be they should put all this effort and energy of writing you emails into also helping others as you do. All I can say is that once again Dr. Bob your doing an excellent job and keep it up and as long as you and steve are happy that's all that is important and matters. Take care

Response from Dr. Frascino


Yours is one of many kind notes of support that have poured into my inbox since I posted the Church Lady rants. Thank you! That they are so adamantly hateful at the thought of two HIV specialist physician and concert pianists, who have been in a committed relationship for over 14 years and who devote their time, energy, talent and resources to help those who are less fortunate, leads me to believe they have totally missed the essential message of not only the Bible, but of all religions. So Steve and I will continue on our path, loving each other and helping others while Church Lady will continue on her path of hate and narrow-mindedness. And when we all transition to whatever comes next, we'll find out who chose more wisely and more compassionately.

Dr. Bob

"the bible can be no clearer." Feb 11, 2008

Matthew 23:3-4 Matthew 7:1 Amos 5:13 1Corinthians 14:28 Enough said.

By the way, I am a heterosexual; abstinent for 14 months, 1 day, 11 hours...(since I was falsely "diagnosed" despite testing antibody negative then and 2 weeks ago). As long as we're making the bible say whatever we choose to hear, Acts 7:30 1Kings 18:4. prophet... profit, the lord speaks in mysterious ways.

Response from Dr. Frascino


I seem to have permanently misplaced my Bible at the moment, but I'm sure the quotes are enlightening.

Congrats on your negative tests!

Be well.

Dr. Bob

Are you kidding me (church lady) Feb 11, 2008

I think the Church lady puts a whole new meaning the the phrase "Holy Crap" Please, lady you are missing the whole point of the Bible (they are stories handed down to show us a basic blueprint to living life) The Bible has been written and rewritten by kings to suit there needs (it is like that game where you whisper into someones ear and pass it down the line by the third or fourth person the the meaning has changed.) I fully believe in God, but do not think these messages are meant to be taken so literally as you point out there are ridicules things printed for another time that have no place today.These are just stories to tell us to be kind and good to each other that is the intention. Jesus loves ALL OF US and will forgive your sins PERIOD. (That is why he died people) I do believe Jesus would approve of anyone who cares so much about there fellow man (like you DR Bob) PS I will put in the good word for you when I see him, but I am sure your reservation is being held for you anyway

Response from Dr. Frascino


Thanks for your support! And isn't the phrase "holy shit!"? Somehow that seems more accurate.

Dr. Bob

Whoa Nellie (REACTION TO CHURCH LADY) Feb 10, 2008

Whoa Nellie!!! Some of those bible thumpers are nuts! I'm assuming God is collecting her thunderbolts to fry those suckers into crispy critters soon.

Loved your questions regarding the Old Testament! I did notice no answers from the church crazies.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Yeah, they do seem to be a few beans short of a chalupa now don't they?

Dr. Bob


Catholic are allowed to have opinions, which are directly quoted from the bible. The bible is the word og GOD, and being gay is a sin, so I'm done with telling you this you'll just have to answer to GOD on judgement day, PS stop making us Republicins look bad we are not the ones living or worrying about AIDS were smart enough to not get it

Response from Dr. Frascino


Back again so soon? I'm going to have to put out a restraining order on you due to your abnormal fixation on all things "Dr. Bob!"

Catholics are indeed allowed to have opinions. However, direct quotes from the Bible are not opinions; they are repetitions of phrases taken out of context. It's like teaching a parrot to say "Polly wants a cracker," even though Polly has absolutely no idea what a cracker is!

"The bible is the word og GOD"? "Og GOD"???? I'm not sure who "og GOD" is, but the higher powers didn't write the bible; people did. It's a book of fables designed to help people live better lives and similar to many other books of fairy tales and fables with a similar purpose of teaching the difference between good and evil. Taking it literally would be the same as believing in Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!

You're done telling me being gay is a sin???? Alleluia!!! Amen!

Yes, I'll answer to the Higher Powers on Judgment Day and so will you dearie. (I'd suggest you pack lightweight clothes and loads of sunscreen. I've heard it's quite hot where you'll be spending your eternity for being such a judgmental hateful person.)

You want me to stop making "Republicins" look bad???? "Republicins"???? Sweetie, I don't have to make "Republicins" look bad. You're doing a fine job of that all by yourself!

And what a sad commentary you make, claiming that Republicans "are not the ones living or worrying about AIDS." That speaks volumes about the depth of your ignorance and shallowness of your compassion.

As for your being "smart enough to not get AIDS," tell me again why you are spending so much time on this site!?! And one more thing Miss Smarty Pants: "RESPONSE" is spelled with an "S," not a "C" as in the title of your post. Obviously you and King George the W have had similar training in spelling, grammar, elocution and common sense.

Dr. Bob


Why can't gay people have babies? (sign from God) My priest said that if everyone were gay the human race would end. I heard that science states that some people are born gay, science also states that some people are born with an addictive gene, meaning that if they try cocaine once they will be hoocked, while another person who tries cocaine will never do it again, so what I am trying to say is that just because you are born with a specific gene it does not make it ok. Being gay is perverted and a temptation by the devil which you have to fight.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Clueless,

You think it's a sign from God that gay people can't have babies??? Hmm . . . let me guess. Biology, science and common sense are not your strong suits, right??? Please note, lesbians are indeed gay people and they are very capable of having babies and often do just that! Also many gay men have babies using a surrogate mother and in vitro fertilization techniques (just like many hetero-couples.) So apparently God has no problem whatsoever with gay people procreating! Your priest said that if everyone were gay the human race would end. My, what a brilliant and insightful (read: dimwitted and moronic) person your priest must be! If you would be so kind, please advise your feckless holy man that by using his absurd "logic" it could also be said that if everyone were priests the human race would end!!! Chances are he'll look aghast and blurt out some other "brilliant" comment, such as "but my dear child not everyone is a priest." Then you could say, "But Father, not everyone is gay either." So I guess the world will continue after all.

Being gay is neither perverted nor is a temptation from some imaginary figure sporting horns and a long pointy tail. Wake up sweetie. What we need to fight is not sexual orientation but rather ignorance and homophobia, both of which are personified by the guy in the black frock spouting nonsense. I'll say a prayer for him. No really I will.

Dr. Bob

Re: Blood Electrification Question (ROBERT BECK) (BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION) Aug 11, 2008

Dr. Frascino

It is so easy to be insensitive and sarcastic about something that perhaps you cannot relate to. Getting an HIV diagnoses is a terrible blow for someone to take even today. I would know. I am surprised that a doctor would show such little compassion. It is not so much that people are gullible enough to believe in far fetched ideas such as curing AIDS by electrifying the blood or by drinking colloidal silver , it is the hope that afflicted by this terrible illness can one day have their lives back. I could only imagine how much money goes in your pocket per every aids patient you treat. God knows, we wouldn't want to give that up, now would we? It is sad that as a doctor you can't give sound advice and be informative without being an a@@hole for lack of a better word. You'd be surprised at what you'd have faith in, if you suddenly knew your mortality. Being a Doctor is so much more than putting a band-aid on a wound, it is about compassion , caring and valuing life. Robert Beck might of been a quack but atleast his heart was in the right place.

Mary - New York

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Little Miss Mary Mary Quite Contrary!

Do you have any idea how out of line you are? Apparently not. So I'll show you line by line!

"It is so easy to be insensitive and sarcastic about something that perhaps you cannot relate to." Mary sweetie, I've been an HIV specialist for over a quarter of a century. I've also been HIV positive since January 1991.

"Getting an HIV diagnosis is a terrible blow for someone to take even today. I would know." So would I!!!

"I am surprised that a doctor would show such little compassion." Obviously you know absolutely nothing about me or my work and have read practically nothing that I have written in these forums. I have devoted my life to fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic on many levels. I am an HIV specialist physician. I have founded two HIV/AIDS clinics devoted to the comprehensive and compassionate care of those infected with HIV. I have founded a nonprofit organization, the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, which has raised well over a million dollars for HIV/AIDS organizations worldwide. (Check out Now, remind me again Mary what exactly have you accomplished?

". . . It is the hope that those afflicted by this terrible illness can one day have their lives back." Mary, I'm perhaps the most optimistic person on the planet. However, I'm also a realist. False hope is not helpful. Electrifying blood and drinking colloidal silver is pure poppycock and to pretend otherwise is foolish.

". . . I could only imagine how much money goes in your pocket per every AIDS patient you treat." Really??? Care to take a guess??? Not one penny! All my efforts are voluntary.

". . . It is sad that as a doctor you can't give sound advice and be informative without being an asshole for lack of a better word." Mary, you have a right to your opinion. But I think you should check your facts (and my work!) before jumping to conclusions.

"You'd be surprised at what you'd have faith in if you suddenly knew your mortality." I do know my mortality and I know very well what to believe in science! Believing in voodoo, witchcraft and other far-fetched fantasies is not helpful. In fact, it is frequently harmful. (See below.)

"Being a doctor is so much more than putting a Band-Aid on a wound, it is about compassion, caring and valuing life." Mary, there we agree.

"Robert Beck might have been a quack . . . ." Mary, there we agree again!

". . . but at least his heart was in the right place." Sorry, there we don't agree. He and his hocus-pocus crap have played on the fears and vulnerabilities of those with HIV and cancer to make a profit. I stand by my comments, which I will repost below.

Mary, if you do decide to write back, I'd suggest you begin with an apology.

Dr. Bob

Blood Electrification Question (ROBERT BECK) (BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION) Dec 24, 2007

Hi Dr. Frascino, I also saw the Robert C. Beck Video and was very interested in what was presented. I didn't know how to respond exactly after watching it and started looking up information online about him, and the drug electrification process. The night that I first found out about this I felt like the process could be true. I read your response to a readers question that was listed online at where you replied that the process didnt actually work. I am not trying to upset you by asking, however do you know anyone that has tried this? Do you know or have you heard anything about blood electrification? I am a 25 year old student who has been living with HIV for 1.5 years, not taking meds yet. Please respond if you have a chance.

Thankyou, Gpineda

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Gpineda,

A few things for you to consider:

1. Dr. Beck is not a medical doctor. He's a physicist.

2. Beck's "blood electrification" (with and without the added ionic/colloid silver and freshly ozonated water) has been around for over a decade. If it really cured AIDS, would Magic Johnson and I still be putting up with taking fistfuls of antiretroviral medications and struggling with the resultant side effects?

3. Beck claims his invention not only cures HIV/AIDS, but also "cancer and leukemia!" Hmm . . . one wonders what he'll cure next. Bad breath? Dandruff? The heartbreak of psoriasis?

4. When claims sound too good to be true, they usually are indeed too good to be true.

So, Gpineda, think about it. Is there even a snowball's chance in hell this process actually cures AIDS, cancer and leukemia and has been around for a decade and yet the only place you hear about it is on sketchy Web sites using references that date back to the Clinton Era?

Gpineda, you don't have to worry about upsetting me. I understand how appealing myths can be. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Compassionate Conservatives they all sound good and some folks actually believe they exist. But that doesn't change reality. Beck's blood zapper does not cure HIV/AIDS. Period.

Dr. Bob

Dr's with blinders Dec 24, 2007

How can a Doctor like Dr. Frascino answer a serious question somebody has about, wondering why a possible, so to speak cure for HIV by Dr Robert Beck, is not being used. Many, if not most all of our medicines for come from plants and animals and some were even assumed to be a myth at one time.

We live in a world where any thing is possible and without hope and an open mind in these troubled times life with HIV and other diseases would be a nightmare to many.

I didn't find Dr. Frascino's response to a serious question, no matter how bazar the cure might sound, to do anyone any good. It sure lowered the respect I have for him and am glad he isn't heading up the research for a cure. It might come from the hoof of a reindeer. Remember, they still use leeches in our hospitals.

It is our willingness to explore outside of the box that will find a cure for many of the diseases we have plaguing society today.

So, Doc. Please, share your knowledge, not your sarcasium. Your much better at that.

Response from Dr. Frascino


If you wish to believe a cure for AIDS will come from the "hoof of a reindeer," fine. I'm sure you can find someone willing to make that claim and accept your dollars for their secret formula or miraculous but completely unknown cure. That doesn't mean you have an open mind. It means you're gullible beyond belief! As for Beck's "blood electrification + Ionic/Colloid silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to flush out toxins" cure of AIDS, I can assure you the reindeer-hoof treatment has a much better chance of working. Believing in nonsense has nothing to do with the willingness to explore outside the box. Just because some nutter claims ground up unicorn horn plus rhinoceros spit with a pinch of oregano cures AIDS and Ebola doesn't mean scientists should stop working on promising lines of immune-based therapies and antiretrovirals to attempt to validate these outrageous claims. You may think we physicians have "blinders" on. Fine. That's your prerogative. So when you break your leg skiing, are you planning on going to a tribal witchdoctor or voodoo expert???

Finally, you really shouldn't bitch about someone's "sarcasium" when you can't even spell the world properly.

Dr. Bob

Dr Robert C Beck Dec 9, 2007

Hello Doctor, I've diagnosed with HIV last year and so far I am doing ok with my treatment. However I ran into a site where a cure for HIV/AIDS does exist as Dr. B Beck proved with his protocol. Blood Electrification + Ionic/Colloid silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush out toxins. The Patent is registered with the USPTO and Dr. Beck and Dr Kaali are known in that field.

Why it is not revealed to the world and why is that a secret ?

patent #5,188,738. is the site where you can read about it and learn how to get your power back.

Thank you.

Response from Dr. Frascino


"Blood Electrification + Ionic/Colloid Silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush out the toxins" cures AIDS???? Gosh, I thought you needed to add Tasmanian Devil semen, tail of newt and some bat shit in order for the concoction to really work.

And you wonder why this "secret" hasn't been revealed to the world??? Any guesses as to why that may be??????? That's right! Because it's just a load of pseudoscience hooey that works as well as inhaling your grandma's farts for curing HIV/AIDS. Please note, just because someone has a patent on something doesn't mean the "thing" actually works. I remain convinced there is a special place in hell for folks like "Drs." Beck and Kaali who make outrageous claims for personal aggrandizement while taking advantage of those suffering from illnesses like AIDS or cancer. Chances are if reincarnation exists, they may well be reborn as a dung beetle, pond scum or Dubya's elocution coach. (I'm not sure which of those would be the worst fate.)

Dr. Bob

feeling weak and hopeless Aug 11, 2008

Goodmorning Dr. I'm Angelo writing from Goa, India Please please I need your help to put myself right back to a healthier and happy life. In feb.2005 I started my first regimen caled Triomune(lamaudine, stauvdine, Nevimune)With this I really felt on top of the world, and could do everything like any other normal prerson and had a cd4 of 1300. But to my bad luck I happened to take an ayurvedic which was gaurenteed to give me a negative HIV status and I believed( in India they have this herbal medicines) But it really ruined my immune system and my cd4 came down to 120. I started feeing very weak and no longer triomune was working on me.All this happened within a period of 1 year. Then after my Dr. changed the regimen to Indivan 400+ ritomune and kept back stuvdine+lamauvdine(altogether 4 drugs) which brought my cd4 to 611 in three years time. But the main problem is that this new regimen can never make me strong and fit as the earlier regimen.I feel tired the whole day, I get low blood pressure, I get depression symtoms and don't feel like going out, feel lazy,no interest for sex or no errection,loss of body weight, loss of body muscle(looks thin). I cannot develop my body muscle also, as my hands are too weak to undertake any exercise. But believe me when i was on Triomune i was able to do heavy exercise and put on huge body muscle. even my face was chabby and glowing. But with this new regimen I lost my face muscle to such an extent that people don't recognise me nowadays. Please please Sir I beg of you to please suggest me a new regimen which will get rid of all my weaknesses and make me a strong healthy man once again coz that's the way I looking to live life once again. Thanks a lot Regards Angelo

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Angelo,

I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Your situation points out several key facts:

1. Alternative (including herbal) remedies can be very harmful to HIVers. You were doing extremely well on Triomune; however, the herbal remedy "guaranteed" to give you an HIV-negative status caused you considerable harm instead. There are no HIV cures, despite what many unscrupulous quacks may claim! Once you've allowed HIV to damage your immune system, it's very difficult to restore it completely.

2. You've continued on stavudine (D4T) as one of the antiretrovirals in your regimen. D4T is a thymidine analog nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor drug that has been linked to lipoatrophy (loss of fat in the face, buttocks and extremities). This can be quite disfiguring. You can read much more about this on The Body's homepage under the Quick Links heading where you'll find a chapter entitled Lipoatrophy Resource Center.

3. Your symptoms of lack of libido (sex drive), depressed mood, inability to get an erection, weight loss, muscle loss, etc. may be due to hypogonadism (low serum testosterone).

My advice is as follows:

1. Avoid all herbal remedies and claims of HIV cures!

2. Talk to your HIV specialist about your current regimen. If your viral load is above 1,000, get an HIV resistance test (genotype/phenotype) to ascertain which antiretroviral drugs would be most likely to be effective in suppressing HIV replication (decreasing HIV viral load). In particular, you should try to avoid D4T (stavudine) and AZT (zidovudine), as these drugs have been linked to lipoatrophy.

3. Discuss your lipoatrophy concerns with your HIV specialist. There are several cosmetic procedures that may be helpful. You can read about these in The Body's Lipoatrophy Resource Center noted above.

4. Ask your doctor to check your free testosterone level and, if low, ask him to prescribe testosterone-replacement therapy. That should improve your energy level, sex drive, mood, muscle mass and erectile function.

Good luck Angelo!

Dr. Bob

question from"somewhat" flipped out
Im back with wohoooooooo Ref XXXXXXXXX

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