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Kissing After Slapped in the Face with a Hockey Stick (STRANGEST QUESTION EVER????)

Oct 30, 2008

Hi Dr. Bob,

I think that I may, unfortunately, have one of the strangest questions ever. But first, I would just like to say thanks for all of the great work and support that you provider here. I've been a long time reader of your posts.

About a week ago during a hockey game, my mouth area was unfortunately at the receiving end of another players hockey stick accidentally being swung through thin air, which ultimately stuck me pretty good in the face. This immediately caused shock, and with the force of it, I thought that I certaily would have lost a tooth...luckily I did not. I immediately placed my hand to my mouth, and sure enough, I saw a streak of blood on my hand. Not aware of the extent of damage, I asked another player who saw the incident take place about any visible damage. He said I got lucky because he didn't see any bleeding. I continued to check my mouth, and there was no more blood visible, and all of my teeth were in tact. Apparently, the bleeding didn't last very long.

When I went to the bathroom to check it out, I noticed that my lower lip inside my mouth was indeed swollen and red. Also, under my upper lip, there were a few cuts. There was no active bleeding. However, I suppose that if I had applied pressure to the area, it would have bleed. Ouch, this whole thing did wake me up a bit.

So here we go now, on to my concern:

About 9 hours later and feeling a bit better, I ended up going out to grab a beer at a local strip club. After talking for a while and forgetting a bit about what had happened 9 hours earlier, I ended up getting a lap dance with a girl that I've known from the club. During the dance, we french kissed for a while...I can't believe that I did this.

By the time I had arrived at the club, I had already checked my mouth a several times. The inside of my lower lip was still quite swollen and red; however, no bleeding...I actually pressed the area a couple of times, and no bleeding happened. The small cuts under my upper lip were still present, but also no bleeding.

I know that my status was negative at the time. In fact, I actually tested negative very recently, and I have not had any other partners or sexual activity.

Then, the following morning, I checked my mouth again. When I pressed the swollen bump under my lip, there was a little blood that I could see.

Under these circumstances, what kind of risk did I place myself at?

I know that kissing is not typically cosidered to be high risk, but I'm not sure if she had any cuts, sores, bleeding in her mouth, etc.

If she did, does this place me at risk?

Again, I know that I was negative before going to the club.

Thanks again for all that you do, and I greatly appreciate your answering my question.

Worried skater

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Worried Skater,

Strangest question ever? No, not by a long shot. Just have a look below at Heineken-up-the-Heine Guy, Panty-Sniffing Guy and Miss Hello Kitty Pencil Eraser Gal to mention only a few. (There are many more even stranger ones in the archives.)

The HIV-acquisition risk from your French kiss with Bouncing Betty at the Badda Bing nine hours after being hockey-sticked in the head is so extremely remote that it becomes essentially nonexistent. HIV testing is not medically warranted. However, if my reassurance is not sufficient for you to shake your worries, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark to put your residual (and unwarranted) worries permanently to rest. The result of the test will undoubtedly be negative, OK?

Be well.

Dr. Bob

Can I get HIV from dried spit inserted in anus? Mar 8, 2007

Okay, I'm really worried that I might have gotten HIV last week. I'm so paranoid that I'm having trouble focusing in school and at work. Please answer this please!!! This is what happened. I came home from work and went straight to take a bath. My dad had told me that 2 of his cousins were staying the night with us. While in the bath I saw a beer bottle and decided to use it for anal pleasure. after having it been inserted in me for a few seconds (15- 30) I relized THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN MY COUSINS USED BEAR BOTTLE!!!! I immediatly stopped and threw the bottle away. I also immediatly stopped pleasuring myself anally. I'm not sure that my dads cousins have AIDS, but they are promiscuous and I don't believe I had any tears in my rectum or anus. However, 3- 4 days before this happened I had stomach problems and had to wipe my anus while on the toilet. I did this many times and by the time my stomach stopped hurting the area around my anus was very sore and I'm sure that i had a few small abrasians from wiping so much. But I do believe that these healed before my beer bottle encounter and the beer bottle was dry (the saliva was dry). Is it likly that I could have gotten HIV from this. I plan on getting tested but I need to know something while I'm in the window period. Please please please respond to this. I'm very scared and will never do anything like this again.

Response from Dr. Frascino


You stuck a beer bottle up your butt??? Hmmm . . . OK, let's review. When out drinking beer and someone yells "bottoms up," that's not what they mean, OK?

Returning now to your question, your HIV risk from your Heineken-up-the-heinie experience is nonexistent. But there can be other risks from ramming a Bud up your rosebud. So please be more discerning when choosing toys for your backdoor action.

Dr. Bob

Please answer, I beg you, please answer this begger! Mar 31, 2008

Sir Bob,

I mailed you one pretty long HIV related, and pantie filled email a few days ago, no answer yet. I always thought I had testicular cancer before I got it screened after 10 years or so, and guess what I have no cancer - just something called "bag of worms" harmless. In these 10 years, I thought that I had brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc. and repeatedly held very long farewells at school before each summer. See how stupid and irrational I am!

I'll try to beg you, since I am not in position to actually help your NGO financially like most people are - sorry about that. So here is the real deal, I am not about to propose, already happed, got engaged over the phone and actually ABOUT to enter this arranged marriage (happily). I am from western Europe, she is from India - we are cousins. It OK in our tradition, no offense. Never even kissed a girl, and afraid about HIV, those panties are giving me sleepless nights.

Please answer my pantie related near silly questions, please these are real life questions - it's not a hoax or a joke! Wedding is about 2 months ahead!

Noticed you haven't replied to any question for a fews days got me worried. Thank god you replied on the 29th to a few people in need. Please include me in your next selection. I need you, please Sir Bob.


Below is my old email just for the record, in case you can't find it anymore. Please I beg, really depressed right now. I know it not your job to make everyone happy, but try me! _____

Hi Robert,

Sorry this may sound like all those pantie questions you have in your archive, but really I had to ask mine - since I think I have different case.

I never had sex, not even oral just or kissing, and I think these stupid encounters below might ground me for life. This issue has come up again in my mind after so many years of rest, anyways I need to know your answer now, it's killing me! By the way I have never done it again, I do not steal/ or pickup panties anymore.

I have rash on my back these days (concentrated on my upper back), started about 2 weeks ago, maybe I had all the time but it's now more prevalent. These are small red/purplish slightly raised dots, that if you press them they loose their color - because the blood goes away for a few seconds. Might be HIV rash? Anyways I am about to propose to my girl, and really worried that my life will fall apart because of this.

About 7-10 years ago:

1. I stole a g-string from my neighbors washing line, it was washed and dry. Put on, and later wrapped it around my penis to masturbate, due to friction I might have cracked some skin on my penis. Is there any risk of me getting Hiv? Do not know, if she used any detergent at all, all I know is that it must have been washed, since it was left to dry with her other clothes. Later I washed it for her, and put it back there!

2. Few weeks later I again stole a pantie from my neighbors washing line, Put on, and later wrapped it around my penis to masturbate, due to friction I did crack some skin on my penis, because I later washed my penis, and the soap was irritating on the cracked space, due to coming in contact with blood I guess. The pantie was washed for sure, but do not know if she used any detergent, or if she did a cold or hot cycle. This time around the pantie was not fully dried, not really wet also, but more than damp. Is there any risk of me getting HIV through my cracked penis skin?

3. I might have tried to push the little bit if of these panties in my anus, but just a tiny bit. Not sure if I did it! Cant really recall for sure! Hiv risk from this encounter?

4. This neighbor of mine, is an African escort girl, so please take this in to your expert answer. AND what is she has not washing machine and hand washed her clothes, with no detergent?


This one took place about 2 years after I first started this crazy thing with my escort neighbors laundry.

1. Stole a few panties from her bedroom draw, while I was helping her at her home with her TV settings. The panties where dry, do not know if they where washed or not! Although most probably they where washed, since I think that I did not notice any stains on them. I stole about 4/5 panties.

I put those panties on, one after one, sniffed those panties and wrapped one of them to masturbate with around my penis. I did not lick them! Due to friction I think I cracked some skin on the head of my penis. Can I get Hiv from this encounter?


DATE: somewhere between my first neighbor and second neighbor pantie encounters.

I once picked up a wet pantie form the street, no one was looking! I was wet from the rain or at least also from the rain, and it had a bit mod on it, I took it home and washed it with Dove mild hand soap before doing the same what I did with the other panties, including cracked penis skin. Might have touched my mouth or so, after picking it up, but I doubt I could be so stupid. And I might have cut on my hands, not sure - since I was in my teenage years, you know how rough we can be!

Lastly I do not know if the panties where washed or used panties before I took them home and cleaned them with my hand soap.

Sorry for my English, if my English where better I would have been able to make my question shorter sorry. Really sorry! Please answer my lingering questions one after one, because I not a completely rational person in these hiv/aid scenarios. And do dates really matter, because I am not sure where this SIDE NOTE pantie case really fits in the time-line? Please help, I need some rest after 7-10 years, need you for guidance, but give it straight to me OK Rob!

Worried-25-years-old-straight-guy. No offense.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Panty-Stealing-Guy,

So 7-10 years ago you had an African escort living next door and on several occasions you stole her panties or g-strings, put them on, shoved them up your butt and masturbated with them to the point that the friction caused the skin on your tallywhacker to crack. Two years later you stole panties from your neighbor's bedroom drawer. You then wore them, sniffed them and again used them to masturbate to the point the friction cracked the skin on the head of your one-eyed monster.

In addition you report you thought you had testicular cancer for 10 years before being screened and told you don't. You've also thought you've had brain cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

You have never had sex. In fact you've never even kissed a girl, but you are now engaged via an arranged marriage to marry your cousin from India. Something about this entire scenario does not have happily-ever-after written all over it.

Your HIV fears are completely irrational and unwarranted. You can now add HIV to your impressive list of irrational hypochondriacal fears: testicular cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc.

I would very strongly urge you to seek psychiatric help. Your irrational fears of illness are impressive and considering your long history of similar episodes related to other conditions in the past it is likely this is going to be a recurring problem for you. I would also doubt you are ready for marriage, on many levels.

Good luck. (I have the feeling you're going to need it.)

Dr. Bob

Masturbating in Class. (HELLO KITTY ERASER!!!) Jul 13, 2008

Iam a girl here in Arkansas.Well to makethe long story short I was having a little fun in English class and was masturbating with what I though was my pencil with a hello kitty eraser.Well to my surprise I saw that my gay best friend Earl had my pencil and I had his.(my initials were on the pencil he was using).Well, I know my gay best friend Earl also masturbates from behind with his pencil.Do you think I may have contracted HIV from Earl?I know he is gay and you never know....please help me IAM TERRIFIED!!!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Little Miss Arkansas,

Let me get this straight. While in English class, you were masturbating with a pencil with a "hello kitty" eraser??????? Hmm . . . well, hello kitty indeed!!!! However, as it turns out, it really wasn't your hello kitty tickling your pet pussy after all, because you saw your gay best friend Earl had your pencil and you had his! Ohmigod!!! And you know your gay best friend also masturbates "from behind" with his pencil, so you are now "TERRIFIED" you may have contracted HIV, because Earl is gay. Do I have that correct????

Gosh, those "hello kitty" pencils sure seem to be getting a lot of action in Arkansas these days! Who knew?!?!?

Your HIV risk is nonexistent; however, young lady, I should put you on detention for either making up stories or masturbating in English class!

Dr. Bob

Not in archive or anywhere for that matter!
Follow Up : Sahved Skin with cuts

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