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Wooohooo!! Results received! You must answer doc!

Sep 27, 2008

Well I have to tell you all my story that will help you a lot (Dr. Bob and all you guys). Well I'm a guy from Mexico that did a very stupid thing, guess what... yes, I went and had vaginal intercourse with a prostitute. The sex was protected all time long. After that day I felt very guilty and worried about contracting HIV or any STD. Well a week later I was clubbing and I punched a guy, al these factors make me believe that I was HIV+. Seriously during several days I was convinced that I was HIV+. I searched for days and days in the internet till I found out this page. I began reading and reading the archives and Dr. Frascino's answers. I posted 8 questions and they were not answered. Yesterday I went to have an HIV test and the results came bakc today. After doing the test (yesterday at 11 am) I entered the website and posted another question just to calm down... That question wasn't answered so I began reading the questions that were answered ysterday and became very bad at Dr. Frascino because he answered a question to a guy that asked if his family could contract HIV by his semen residual and he didn't have HIV!!! I became crazy and I wrote Dr. Frascino. Today I went for my results and they were negative!!! Well after reading hundrends (and I seriously mean) of answers that say thay you can WOOOOHOOO I can finally do it. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I know there are thousands of guys that are or were just like me, calm down really read the archives as Dr. Frascino says and you'll see that you chances of contracting HIV are "neglible nonexistent" (hahahaha I've learned all the phrases the Dr. Frascino uses). Go to have an HIV test is the best way to calm down. Remember to use a condom ALWAYS. Well now it's your turn Dr. Frascino... I have to thank you, your website really make me feel much better, sorry for being angry but I couldn't believe a question like that. I really admire the work you are doing. The world must be fill out of guys like you, I'm not being corny but that's the true. Well I'm studying political science and I really want to do something for this crapy society. The first step is DO NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN OR ANY REPUBLICAN!!! Eventhough I don't like many politics that are held by your country I think there are very valuable persons in that country as in the whole world. We must fight to have a better world in which discrimination, poverty and many things dissappear. All the people must have the same oportunities!!! All this is because I think you are a guiy that is an example. I'm a straight guy but I admire gay people and I think it's great that we can have our own point of view. Congratulations DR!! I have to do it again, I've been waiting for three months!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Response from Dr. Frascino


Thanks for writing back and sharing both your story and newfound insights. WOO HOO! (Or, in Spanish, ¡YUPI!!!!)

By the way, I actually did respond to your question yesterday. (See below.)

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Kind of mad... Sep 26, 2008

Well doctor I've been posting questions and none of them have been answered. Today I posted one in which I said that I went to get an HIV test and it was not answered. I saw you answer a guy that made a question about catching hiv without having hiv. Well it made me mad because does kind of guys are not suffering they might be fooling around and they might read a simple panflet in order to understand HIV. Eventhough this answer I have to recognize that you make a remarkable campaign. Congratulations. Well I'm still hoping to receive an answer, my last question was name "Just tested!". Please it's the 8th time...

Just tested!! Please answer! (Submitted Sep 25, 2008)

Well Doc, this is like the 7th time I answer you, well I know that it isn't so easy to answer to all the questions you receive. Well I'll tell you my story of the two cases of HIV risk I had. Well when I was in amsterdam I went with a Red Light District lady and had protected vaginal intercourse, I know that if the latex was intact HIV cannot permate it and my possibilities of contracting HIV are neglible nonexistent (as you can see I've read the archives). Well after that incident, I had a problem with a guy at a club which I hitted, it was only a punch, directly to his mouts. I believe I punched him in his tooth because I have a mark, I don't know if he began bleeding. I've been thinkin that with a single punch you make contact with the person less that a second and you don't start bleeding in that moment, it's seconds after that but I don't know... I followed up your advices and went to get checked today. I live in Mexico and they told me that the results will be delivered tomorrow at 4 pm. Well as you can understand I'm a little bit nervous, I don't know what are my possibilities of contracting HIV by my little "fight". I want to know it before I go to see my results. Please answer to me! What to I have to do if the results are positive? Do you know a mexican doctor? Well, I hope you to answer me I'm quiet anxious and this three months have been a torture.

P.S. Where can I donate, international credit cards are accepted right?. PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello "Kind of Mad . . . ."

Join the crowd. Lots and lots of folks get pissed off at me when I don't immediately respond to their individual question. However, please note there is only one of me and gazillions of "yous." I do read through the thousands (yes, thousands!) of questions that cram their way into my inbox on a continual basis from throughout the cyber-universe. I answer as many as I possibly can. I also generally have a good reason for skipping or deleting questions. See below. In your case, I did not respond, because your risk is nonexistent and I've responded to many similar questions in the past. I'll post just one example below: "Fight and HIV."

If, despite being mad, you still want to make a donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, donation information can be found on the foundation's Web site at

Be well. (I'm confident you are.)

Dr. Bob

Fight and HIV (5th time asking) READ AND ANSWER PLEASE! Jun 28, 2006

Dearest Dr. Bob,

I hope i can get an answer real soon because im worrying myself sick and cant get tested just yet because im in a country where being HIV+ can lead to jail time and will lead to deportation.

MY story: i was clubbing in good old montreal, when some drunk guy throws himself at me so i throw the first punch out of self defence. the punch did hurt so i rubbed my fist and realized it was wet, his blood had covered my fist, and since it was winter, the skin around my nails was cracked and scabbed (most possibly light bleeding). after that i ran to the bathroom and washed it off.. the whole thing was about five minutes. I was so tense and pissed off that HIV didnt even come into mind, i told my GF about the story, and it didnt even enter her mind. We've been together for over 3 1/2 years so obviously we have unprotected sex(never ejaculate in her). 4-6 weeks later she had experienced a light fever (2 days, never higher than 38.2C). I Had No symptoms what so ever. again i didnt know ARS existed, so to me it was just the flu. she jus had fever, upset tummy and tiredness) . 3weeks/1month after that, she discovered 3 prominant lymph nodes in her neck, behind ear and armpit (possibly as a result of the previous flu?). At the end of the term, i decided i should get an STD check up as ive never got one and been sexually active since i was 13(im now 20). Upon searching for STD testing methods, I learned about ARS..and the symptom spotting began.. i know its wrong, but i cant help it. i went to get tested but the test costs 300$ (no, im not joking, and i made a scene) and i dont have that money!! at the approximate 3-4 months mark and when i left montreal, (which is where i am right now, id rather not mention the name of the country for my own safety) i started experiencing mild diarrhea for a month (not liquid just smooth). NOTE: i did travel to a totally different climat zone and different eating habits and ingredients). Recently at the approximate 4-5 month mark, i starting experiencing fatigue and swollen lymph nodes (neck, groin, armpits) they feel like muscle aches but i feel the nodes under my skin. They're not massively swollen but they kinda hurt. I'm leaving this country in about 2 weeks and will be able to get myself tested, but until then, Does this sound like i or my girl might be HIV+? i know and have read a Zillion times that symptoms are not to be used for diagnosis, but i've been slowly killing my self for 2 months, unable to push it aside, i need to enjoy my holidays, if u say that these symptoms do not sound like HIV id feel much better! probably not as much as a test result, but it should do for now. For your Great work, and ur being one of the best human beings i know, i want to help, so ill be making a donation. i dont want to use my credit card (for my safety) but i will use paypal (if u accept it) Can you let me know how that would be done? Also if u dont want to post this online, can you atleast send it to my email? Enjoy Hawaii Doc! Aloha.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Your HIV risk is negligible to nonexistent. The symptoms you and your girlfriend have experienced are very nonspecific. And for the zillionth time, "symptoms do not equal HIV disease." If you remain worried, get tested at the three-month mark. The odds remain astronomically in your favor that you did not contract the virus from your Montreal clubbing clobbering!

Regarding donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, we accept PayPal. Just click on the PayPal link on the donation page of the foundation's Web site, (Click on "donate," then PayPal.)

In return, I'll send my best good-luck/good-health karma that you're HIV test is negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Partial answers (WHY DONT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION???) Apr 19, 2008

Dear Dr. Bob,

I would prefer if you did not post this email, as it is more just a question to help me understand things better. I first want to make it clear that this is not sent with any sense of entitlement, or anger, or anything negative ok?

I am just confused and scared by something. I sent you 2 questions in the last 36 hours or so. Q#1 was about interfacing with the website, which you answered (thank you for that) Q#2 was after I found your forum, and it was about symptoms and my exposure and whether or not I should be concerned. This was actually the more important question, not Q#1, in my mind anyway. Although you replied to Q#1 (again, thank you, thank you), I did not here boo from you on Q#2.

I now know that you must have read Q#2 (cause it was sent within 10 minutes of Q#1), but yet you did not reply. Whats going through my head right now is "Oh-oh...why wouldn't he reply? Does he think I am +, and has a policy not to reply to people he thinks is positive? Or, is he maybe just tired of answering this kind of question? Or...what else might cause him not to reply?"

You have done nothing bad to me, nor are you responsible for my anxiety / fear in anyway. I just was wondering if you can try to understand the situation and offer me something, anything, to qualm my jitters.

BTW, I have learned through your previous posts, and see that you are hiv+ and a survivor of 15+ years, which I admire and applaud. Thank you for your sacrifice and putting up with me.

Expecting nothing but hoping for something,

Response from Dr. Frascino


Even though you preferred I did not post this question, I have absolutely no other way of communicating with you. I do not send responses to private e-mail accounts. That's not the way these public information forums operate. I also don't keep track of how many questions a particular person is sending in. (Some questioners can be remarkably prolific and redundant!) Please note I receive thousands of questions on a continuous basis from throughout the cyber-galaxy. And although I do attempt to read them all, I can only respond to a very small percentage of them. There are several reasons I may not select a particular question for a personal response and posting. See below and hopefully you will then understand why you "did not hear boo from (me) on Q #2."

DR. Bob

Whatever Doc. (WHY DONT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION??????????) Apr 1, 2008

Thanks for not answering my question! Doctor. Thank God there is help out there with Doctors that know much more that you.

Response from Dr. Frascino


You're welcome. See below.

Dr. Bob

That worrying male nurse again Apr 1, 2008

Dear Sir, this is my 4th letter to you, awaiting your reply as before.As less serious as it may seem to you..the situation that I am in has been agonizing to me to say the least...I pray to you my dear Sir..please read my previous letter and please write back ...please

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Worried Nurse,

I have no way to retrieve old questions not selected for posting. See below. Resubmit your question if necessary. OK?

Dr. Bob


Feb 27, 2008

hey doc,

i've been writing you many times, apparently you ignore my questions.

do i have to pay to have an answr??how much? anyway fuck you

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Mr. Potty Mouth,

See below for an archived post addressing why some questions are selected for response and posting and others are not.

Should you decide to ever contact this forum again, I suggest you begin with a sincere apology or I'll have to wash your mouth out with soap young man.

Dr. Bob

your are a fraud and inconsiderate person (WHY DONT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION) Feb 6, 2008

Dear Doctor. I wrote yo you several times in the past and during the present and i never recibe an answer from you. That i why i asumme that you are a complete fraud. I just think that you are no more than a resentful person and i doubt that that all the questions and answer that are writen in your page were real.

Response from Dr. Frascino


You never "recibe" an answer so you "asumme" that I'm a complete fraud. Well, you can assume and believe whatever you like. However, I am responding to this post, which just might put your egocentric, misspelled hypothesis into question. I'll repost something from the archives that hopefully will help you realize I cannot personally respond to each and every question, as I receive literally thousands from throughout the cyber-universe on a constant basis. I do, however, read all the questions that are submitted. Chances are the information or reassurance you are searching for is already waiting for you in the archives, which you have not taken advantage of, just as you have not taken advantage of your spellchecker icon on your computer.

If and when you do write back may I suggest you begin with a sincere apology?

Dr. Bob

getting no answers (WHY DONT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION?) Dec 15, 2007

hi Bob,,l come to this site daily trying to see if u`ve kindly answered my question.All l get is disappointment as people who have asked after me have gotten theirs answers.thats all. thanks

Response from Dr. Frascino


I'm willing to wager that on your daily visits to this site, which end in frustration and disappointment because I haven't responded to your individual question, you may well have overlooked questions already posted that address your concerns. For example, this question about not getting a specific response from me has been addressed many times before. See below for just a small sampling! I suggest you read those archival posts and follow the advice given, i.e. check the archives, make sure your question makes sense, etc. If after doing so you still feel your question warrants a specific response, please resubmit it, OK?

Dr. Bob

"Questions most likely to be answered will be those of general interest to a broad group of visitors to this forum". Sep 15, 2007

Have a doubt regarding this line.I have been asking a question six times with a lot of mental agony and depression pinned to it,and waitinf for an answer. It hasnt been answered yet, so Im just wondering WHO decides whether my question is "rare", the computer?? Maybe Im expecting too much from a website, but yours looks like the best and for me the only place to get an answer.I have no choice, Im not in the United states where aids is just another disease..with a lot of support groups,meds n stuff.We are not that lucky,doc.We need your answering more,its critical.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Who decides? I do! Please note I receive thousands of questions on a continuous basis from throughout the cyber-universe. I can only respond to a very small percentage, because there is only one of me and gazillions of "yous!" I do read every question. If your question has not been answered, chances are I have already addressed similar concerns in the past and the answer or reassurance you desire is already waiting for you in the archives. Another reason for not getting a personal response is that the question is too hypothetical or incomprehensible. You mention your question has been asked "six times with a lot of mental agony and depression pinned to it." Please note I'm not a psychiatrist. If your problem is mental agony and depression, you may well need the help of a mental health practitioner, not an HIV/AIDS specialist. I urge you to use the archives and also to review the question you are repeatedly resubmitting. If after doing that you still feel your question warrants a personal response, the best I can offer is that you try to resubmit your question, perhaps clarifying its intent.

Finally, as a person living with HIV in the United States, I can assure you AIDS is not "just another disease" here.

Dr. Bob

Why you don't answer questions... Jun 20, 2007

Over the years I've submitted so many questions, but they've never been answered. Sometimes the irrational part of my thought process thinks it's because the question might be too borderline to give a good answer, so you err on the side of not answering at all. For example, I recently asked a question about a friend passing me a glass around the rim with his dirty, fresh from the bathroom hands, and i I wondered if urine, blood and whatever he might have touched on the surfaces, door handles, etc, and then I had to put my mouth on the rim of the glass and I had a cut in my mouth where a molar tooth is coming through. Was I at risk? And when I didn't see an answer, I wondered if it might have been too borderline to answer? Please help. Maybe other people have the same fears when their questions go unanswered?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Over the years you've submitted so many questions, but they've never been answered????? Hmmm . . . well, let's see. You want to know the HIV risk of a friend passing you a glass touching the rim with his dirty, fresh-from-the-bathroom hands. You're concerned whether urine, blood or whatever might have touched the surfaces of door handles and then on to your friend's hands and from there on to the rim of the glass and from there into your mouth, which might have had a cut or perhaps a molar tooth coming in . . . . Hmmm . . . and you really wonder why I might skip over "so many questions" like these???

In addition you ask, "Maybe other people have the same fears . . . ?" That one I'll answer. Nope! No one is quite this neurotic.

Dr. Bob

ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 27, 2003

Doctor, I demand an answer to my question! I've asked it multiple times before over the past month and still you have not replied. Why not? I've waited long enough! It's my turn and I demand you answer my question about that whore who sucked me off. Tired of waiting, Mr. X

Response from Dr. Frascino

Excuse me, but you "demand" an answer? I'll bet you were an only child growing up, always used to getting your way, right? OK, here's your answer, but it may not be the one you were anticipating:

1. "Whore" is not polite or politically correct. Let's just call them "virginally challenged" pleasure professionals, OK? 2. This forum is not a delicatessen where you can march up to the counter and demand service. It's not your prerogative, and no matter how long you've waited, you just many not get a "turn!" 3. I have no way of back searching the thousands of e-mails that come flooding into this forum, so I have no idea which question you are even referring to. 4. This forum is dedicated to HIV-positive folks who have questions about fatigue and anemia. Being "tired of waiting" for a response doesn't qualify. You'll need to submit your blowjob questions to the Safe Sex/HIV Prevention Forum. But before you do so, I'd suggest you check the archives, as chances are quite good you'll find a similar question that has already been answered and posted, particularly if it involves nob-slobbing "virginally challenged" pleasure professionals.

Dr. Bob

Hi Doctor Bob Jun 17, 2007

I have ask 2 diffrent question at 2 diffrent times, But I never get a responce. Is there a reason? Did I upset someone at The Body by asking my question? If so could you please let me know. That way I will stop asking questions. I just found out in Sept 2006 that I am HIV positive and I am still learning about HIV through reading etc.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Upset? Nah, it takes a lot to get us upset. The reality is that I receive thousands of questions on a continuous basis from throughout the cyber universe. Unfortunately I can only respond to a small fraction of them. Why? Well, do the arithmetic. There are billions of you and only one of me. Honey, believe me, I'm typing as fast as I can.

Let me make several quick points about your post:

1. Since you are confirmed to be HIV positive already, are you certain you are posting your queries to the proper forum? This forum deals with safer sex/HIV prevention.

2. Often we skip over questions that we've already addressed in detail previously. Have you searched the archives for the information you desire?

3. All HIV-positive folks should be under the care of an HIV specialist. That specialist should be ready, willing and able to address any and all of your concerns.

4. Since you are relatively newly diagnosed and still learning about HIV, I would encourage you to peruse the basic information that can be easily accessed on The Body's homepage under "Quick Links." There you will find sections including "Just Diagnosed," "HIV Testing Basics" and "HIV Medications" among others.

5. Finally, if after availing yourself of the wealth of information on this site and searching the archives for your specific concerns, you still have a specific unanswered question not adequately addressed by your HIV specialist, I would encourage you to resubmit your question. OK?

Good luck!

Dr. Bob

no reply Dr Bob???? Aug 10, 2007

Dr Bob, i sent my question a few times and havnt had a reply??? i even made a donation not for a response but bc i believe in the cause.

Response from Dr. Frascino


I receive thousands of questions on a continual basis from throughout the cyber universe. Unfortunately I can only respond to a small fraction of them, no matter how fast I type, as there is only one of me and gazillions of yous! I do read all the questions submitted. If I have not responded to your question, there is probably a reason. The most common reasons include:

1. I've answered similar questions previously and the information or reassurance requested is already readily available in the archives.

2. The question is not understandable.

3. The question is too hypothetical.

I would suggest you review your question to see if any of the above three conditions might be the cause for your not getting a response. In particular I encourage you to search the archives! Once I read a question, if I choose not to respond to it for any reason, I do not go back and review it again, as there are way too many new questions piling in on top of it. So if after reviewing the above, you still feel your question deserves a reply, the best I can suggest is that you resubmit it.

Finally, thank you for your tax-deductible donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation. As I have frequently stated, donations do not influence which questions are chosen for posting. My services here are free and available to all, whether or not they chose to make a donation to my foundation. Donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation should be given only in the spirit of generosity, compassion and a desire to help those in desperate need.

Thanks for your understanding.

Dr. Bob


Dear Bob,I have been trying my luck sending in post like gambling in vegas but to no avail.So I just wanna try the last bet to see if you would see it.Few days ago,I was french kissing a street walker and she perform oral sex on my penis behind the carpark.Now I am overwhemled with this sort of anxiety which is not right and I regret my foolish actionswhich made me wanna cry when I think of this.Ok so I did cry in the dark but that doesn't make my worries but only more stress and worried. I am planning I MUST GO FOR A TEST AT 12 WEEKS BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.Can you tell me something which will ease my worries like am I high risk or do I need a test so on ... By the way you did a wonderful job Bob and hope you continue helping people like us . WORRIED WELL PEOPLE.


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Worried Well Person,

Well, you may not have sent your question a "million times," but you did certainly send it repeatedly over and over again in rapid succession. I tend to delete these "mass mailings", because they clog up my mailbox. Again, all you mass e-mailers (and you know who you are!), please don't send the same question over and over and over again, as it actually decreases the likelihood I'll answer it. OK? You've been warned. Folks, if I don't answer your question in a week or 2, and you can't find a similar post in the archives, just resubmit the question again at that time. OK?

OK, now following that public service announcement, its back to you, Worried Well Person. If, as you state, "a condom was on and intact throughout," then your chances of contracting HIV are exactly zero - zilch, zip, nada. HIV cannot pass through a latex condom. Second, French kissing carries an essentially negligible risk, and touching her "right breast" carries no risk. (By the way, why only the right breast? Was something wrong with the left?) Stop crying, stop stressing, and stop sending the same question over and over again. If you had read some of my previous posts, you would already know I don't believe HIV testing is necessary or warranted for French kissing, right (and/or left) breast touching, and/or oral sex with a condom (behind the car park or anywhere else for that matter). If you want to get tested, fine. That's totally up to you. Twelve weeks would be the correct time for it.

I hope this sets your mind at ease. As for gambling in Vegas, I enjoy that, and I'm willing to bet very high stakes indeed that you are negative. OK?

Good luck and continue to play safe to keep the odds always strongly in your favor.

Dr. Bob

Question about re-submitting questions (should help clear your inbox) Aug 27, 2006

This one should be informative for everyone. In an effort to understand the system (and especially to help clear your inbox a little) how long should we wait to re-submit a question that you didn't pick to answer? In other words, if we post a question, and see you've answered a bunch of others later that day but didn't pick ours, that doesn't mean anything, right? Because maybe you're still making your way through the pile? Should we give it a day?

I'm re-submitting mine because I really need you. I called you a sexy Italian in my subject, so you know it's me. And no, I'm not taking it out. When you stop being sexy, I'll think about it.

By the way, the nerve of people who get all bent out of shape if you don't pick their question. You can only do the best you can, geez. I, for one, am honored to learn from you at all and will wait patiently and keep reposting. Look for me...

xoxo, Good girl in New York

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Good Girl in New York,

Good question from a Good Girl! How quickly I can get to a particular question depends on my travel schedule and a variety of other factors, including how many questions I have to read through before beginning to type my responses. As a general policy, here's what I would suggest if you have a question:

1. Check the archives. I've been answering questions here for a number of years and have built up a massive archive. The chances are actually excellent that the information or reassurance you are looking for is already waiting for you in the archives. Ninety-nine percent of the questions I read everyday I've already responded to sometime in the past!

2. If I don't respond to your questions, check to see if your question is reasonable and/or understandable. I can't tell you the number of questions I get from anxious nervous nellies who are so distraught that they wind up typing a bunch of gobbledygook, pleading that I help them, but not giving me enough information to figure out what they are worried about or never even asking a legitimate question! So I recommend rereading your question before resubmitting to see if it's a valid question and that it contains enough information for me to comment upon.

3. If I haven't answered your question and you've checked the archives and you've rechecked your question, then I suggest you wait two weeks before resubmitting. Yes, I can get up to two weeks behind at times. Believe it or not, I do have a life outside of my role as Dr. Bob here on the sex channel.

Stay well. Thanks for your question and your patience, Good Girl!

Dr. Bob

You are the best but still confused !!

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