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Semen on my eyes! (SEMEN and EYE CONTACT 2008)

Sep 25, 2008

I hook up with this guy. Sucked him using a condom and when he ejaculated well I allowed him to do it on my face. It was a lot of semen!! I closed my eyes but there was so much cum on my face, tried to clean myself, I open my eyes a bit and I got some cum inside. I'm worry about getting and STD from this guy. I had red eyes and it hurt. What should I worry about?

Response from Dr. Frascino


As you might imagine, you are not the first person to get spunked in the eye with a load of baby batter. See below.

Dr. Bob

risk of exposure to eyes (EYE EXPOSURE) (SEMEN and EYE CONTACT) Aug 9, 2007

I have read two different responses on your boad about the risk of getting semen in your eyes. I did something stupid and was jerking a guy and when he ejaculated, some go in my eyes. I wiped with a tissue and then immediately rinsed with water. I'm going crazy. Am I at high risk of infection? Please help!

Response from Dr. Frascino


As you might imagine, you are not the only one who has experienced this "occupational hazard." I'll reprint just a few of the many posts from the archives that address this topic.

Are you at "high risk"? No.

Is there some degree of risk if your hot shot was poz? Yes, although slight.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Eye contact with semen Jul 12, 2005

I live in Australia. I work in retail and as part of my duties I am required to check the fitting rooms (where people try on clothes) - while doing this recently I rested my hand on the handle on the inside of the door. I did not realise that it had semen on it until I wiped my eye (which was already irritated from recently having a cold) and my eye began to sting and then I noticed semen all over the back of the door. Thus, unwittingly my eye came into contact with a quantity of semen from an unknown person. This fact is beyond doubt. However, now I am very worried about getting HIV from this exposure to the semen or even Hep C. I am petrified. What should I do? What are my chances of getting HIV or HEP C? When can I reasonably get tested and know that the results are conclusive. Are my chances further increased by the fact that I already had an irritation in my eye? Could you please send an answer to my email address so that it may put my fear to rest as I am starting to feel very stressed about the situation.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Aussie,

Someone spunked the door of your fitting room? Hmmm . . . well, I guess since the airlines have shrunk the onboard bathrooms down to such a tiny size that horned-up hotties (or crazy Republicans see below) have resorted to fitting rooms for their sex in public places adventures.

OK, your risk is presumed spunk in the eye. Assuming the spunker was HIV positive, the estimated risk of acquiring HIV following a mucous membrane exposure is 0.09%. Please note that's direct mucous membrane exposure to HIV-positive spunk! Your estimated risk would be even lower, as we don't know the HIV status of your fitting room phantom.

Regarding hepatitis C, your risk is essentially nonexistent. Even with hepatitis C-infected blood, transmission via mucous membrane exposure is extremely rare.

Bottom line: I see no reason for you to be "petrified."

What should you do?

1. Stop being petrified. Your fears are way out of proportion to any real risk.

2. Regarding HIV, if you are worried, get tested at the three-month mark. However, please note, we do not know if the baby batter on the doorknob was HIV infected or not. And even if it was, HIV does not survive very long at all outside the body. Consequently, your actual risk of HIV contact, let alone transmission, is extremely small. I would consider a three-month test definitive.

3. As for hepatitis C, the risk of transmission based on all the information discussed above is so extremely minimal that no testing or follow-up is warranted or recommended.

4. Put up a sign in all fitting rooms advising patrons that space is to be used for trying on clothes, not rooting like wombats.

Do try to chill out a bit, my dear Aussie. I realize this "sticky situation" can be alarming, but your actual health risks are minimal. In fact, I'd wager you have a greater chance of getting done in by a funnel web spider or choking on a vegemite sandwich than contracting HIV or hepatitis C from this gooey fitting room fiasco.

G'day mate.

Dr. Bob

Republican going crazy! PLEASE RESPOND Jul 10, 2005

Dr. Franscino

The other day me and my wife went out and had sex in a dressing room at Bloomingdale's. Both of us have been tested, but what if we came into contact with blood or some other fluid. She did give me a handjob. Could there be a risk for HIV? PLEASE HELP! Probably staying a Republican but I truly believe the work you do is God's work. Thanks, the check is gonna be in the mail soon

Response from Dr. Frascino


You and your wife went to Bloomingdales and had sex in the dressing room??? Gosh, whoever said Republicans don't know how to have fun? Just please don't tell me you had to go to Bloomies for your nookie because you were afraid, like the last set of Republicans that wrote in, to do it at home under the big velvet Jesus hanging over your bed. OK?

So, on to your question. You're "going crazy" over getting crazy at Bloomies, right? Relax, Dynamic Duo. You are both fine. The only risk from your oh-so-naughty adventure is that all the dressing rooms at Bloomies are monitored by video cameras to prevent shoplifting. Your Bloomies sex-capade is now, most likely, posted on multiple Internet sites. Check out "!"

Stay well, even if you stay Republican, OK?

Dr. Bob

Thought I was playing safe but got shot in eye Dec 22, 2004

Hi Dr. Bob,

Hope you are doing okay. You're a great guy whom I much admire. I'll cut right to the chase. Mutual masturbation with guy of unknown HIV status, but as you say, must assume everyone is positive. No protection at the time so didn't want to do anything else (thought I was playing safe - not at close range - about 2-3 feet away). He misfired and shot semen right into my eye (and a decent amount - not just a drop). Just a freak accident I guess, but I was really shocked. I tried to wipe away as much as possible, but wearing contacts at the time and couldn't wash out for almost an hour. I swear this is all true - I would never waste your valuable time. Some posts in the archives indicate it's only a "theoretical" and "low" risk, but a risk nonetheless because of the mucous membranes in the eye (Q9683). However, some of the older posts (Q9047) indicate "it would not be surprising if this was how you became infected". Haven't seen your take on this issue - I'm assuming PEP is not appropriate under these circumstances (still have 24 hours to go for that, but I would consider doing it on your advice), but if not, is testing warranted at 3 months? This was my only possible exposure after recently testing negative. Thanks and best for a very happy holiday. Your cock-eyed pal. (trying to keep my sense of humor, but it's really not funny).

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Cock-Eyed Pal,

I don't think I'd call that a "misfire" after all.

The dude spunked a bullseye at three feet! That's real talent! He just might have a career in adult films.

OK, here's the scoop: yes, there is a risk of HIV transmission if infected fluids get into the eye (but not on the outside of the eyelid). So in your case, if your sharpshooter buddy was HIV positive and he jizzed your baby blues, there would be a risk. However, that "if" is indeed a big if. PEP is usually reserved for documented significant exposures. Should you test at three months? Yes, I'd recommend it. Should you freak out with worry while waiting to be tested? Nope, I'd recommend against that.

Finally, as the old song goes, be a "cock-eyed optimist!"

We'll all send you our best karma for a negative test result and a very happy, healthy Holiday Season.

Dr. Bob

""squirty Seaman"" please help (CAN YOU GIVE YOURSELF HIV/AIDS?) May 10, 2007

alright dr bob i had masturbated once in my bed and i tried to hold in my seaman but i couldn't and it exploded and some of it got in my left eye i couldn't open that shit for like 20 minutes it burnt like a mother fucker and my eye ball was sticky could i have gotten aids from that? thnx



Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Tiberius,

First of all, a "squirty seaman" would be a horned-up sailor or other man of the sea who ejects a forceful stream jizz. So were you trying to hold on to your squirty seaman or hold your semen squirting??? My answer would be somewhat different depending on squirting seaman versus semen squirting. So I'll assume semen squirting, OK?

Spunking your own eye, while impressive, can indeed sting a bit, but it cannot give you HIV/AIDS or any other STD. You can not give yourself a disease you don't already have! Be reasonable. Variations of this question come up shockingly often! (See below.)

Folks, we desperately need scientific sex education in our schools ASAP!!! Abstinence-only programs, which withhold basic information about sex, including STD prevention, is resulting in situations exactly like Tiberius's and the questioner's below.

Dr. Bob

Percentage Risk for Cum in Eye Exposure May 14, 2006

Dear Dr. Bob

I greatly appreciate this forum and your thoughtful, educated responses to questions. I have learned a lot, including I am not alone with a deep paranoia of contracting HIV while my risks are minimal.

The majority of sex I have is oral, which almost never includes letting the other guy cum in my mouth. Most of the time it is on my face; when it is in my mouth, I immediately spit. I know this risk is very low (although my paranoid state often has me thinking otherwise.)

Recently, I was with a man of unknown status and having a great suck session when he pulled out and shot on my face.

A large amount of his cum went into my eye. For those who have not had this happen, it hurts worse than Kerry losing in the last election.

From archive responses, I see that while this is a theoretic risk, there have not been documented cases of infection this way (is this correct?)

I also read one response you posted to a young lady in 2005 that says ... "Assuming the spunker was HIV positive, the estimated risk of acquiring HIV following a mucous membrane exposure is 0.09%."

Is this percentage among 10,000 cases, like the percentages I see attributed to oral exposure? How is this risk in line with oral sex?

Of course, my HIV paranoia has my mind reeling until the 30 day mark when I can first test, and up to the 3 month mark.

I'm counting down the calendar for that as much as I am the 2008 election when we can duely elect Hillary to the White House.

Knowing some numbers and a word from you would greatly help.

By the way, not exclusive to you answering my question but because I respect you and the work you do, I have made a $100 donation to

Also, some karma good vibes for a neg test would be appreciated.


Cumming Soon To An Eye Near You

Response from Dr. Frascino


Here's the scoop. The eye is lined with a mucous membrane. HIV-infected fluids coming into contact with mucous membranes do pose a risk for possible HIV transmission. There is evidence of health care workers who have become infected as a result of getting HIV-infected blood in their eye. However, there are no documented cases I'm aware of of folks having seroconverted after being eye-spunked. The estimated statistical risk is so small that we really can't put a number on it. At this point the best we can say is that there is a very small, but not completely nonexistent, theoretical risk.

Try not to worry. The odds are astronomically in your favor that you did not contract HIV from this bullseye hotshot.

Thanks for your donation! It's urgently needed and warmly appreciated. On behalf of the many lives that will be touched by your generosity, please accept my heartfelt thanks. I'm sending my very best good-luck/good-health karma that your three-month definitive HIV test will be negative (as I strongly suspect it will indeed be!) I'll also be sending a letter of acknowledgement and a small token gift of appreciation for your tax-deductible donation.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Semen eye contact Mar 21, 2008

Dear Dr. Frascino: About 3 hours ago someone came a little bit in my eye. I read your response to "Aussie" about his fear of infection, but was wondering if you could be more specific. I called the CDC and they said the possibility of infection exists, which flipped me out. Your column said the risk is .09%, which I take to mean 9/100s of 1 percent, correct, or 9 in 10,000. My concern is that since the contact was so recent, I could do the prophylactic treatment, but wonder if it's necessary. I didn't know if the guy was positive, and I'm in Norway now which has a relatively low incidence of HIV. I called an HIV hotline and they looked up your column, so I figured I'd go right to the source. Thank you in advance. Nervous Nelly in Norway?

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Nervous Nelly in Norway,

I would not recommend a course of nPEP (non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis) for this type of potential exposure. The actual risk of seroconverting from the episode you describe is extremely remote at best. If you remain worried, a rapid HIV test at the three-month mark could be obtained to put your residual worries permanently to rest. The result will undoubtedly be negative. Nelly, I see no reason to be nervous. I too am linked up with a hotshot Norski. In the future, just remember to aim his single-barreled, pump-action yogurt rifle in a safe direction before it fires off, OK?

Dr. Bob

Where can I dump my load safely?

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