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Aug 22, 2008

I am not homophobic. I share because I care I am quite appalled by the interpretation of homosexuality behavior. I know being a nurse we believe in evidence-based practice. Where is the scientific evidence for someone who is sexually attracted to another person of the same sex? Every one knows that feelings are volatile. Evidence shows with 60-70% divorce rate that our feelings of hot and cold change from moment to moment. Every human being will experience changes several times during their lifetime.

I am a nurse since 1980. I have delivered many babies as a student nurse. I have seen disabled children that are born into the earth. I have reviewed many abnormal lab results in my life. I have come across abnormal levels of thyroid, abnormal levels of glucose, electrolytes, enzymes and much more. So is it possible that some are born with imbalance in estrogen and progesterone? Or is it imbalance in sex hormones, growth hormone or neurotransmitters. I really dont know? But I would like to question science and technology on this topic. The feelings of sexuality are displaced and by definition we cant consider same sex intercourse as normal. I must confess that I havent researched in this area but I know that in my heart that this choice is inappropriate. I would like to share my experience as a nursing student in infectious disease rotation. There was a patient from the village who was seen in the outpatient clinic. He was not able to sit down. He spoke village dialect of Hindi, which is very difficult to understand. As a student nurse we took him to a room and made him lie down on a bench on his side using non-verbal communication. What I saw that day I will never be able to forget till the day I die. When he loosened his dothi/lungi(Indian shorts) we saw a cauliflower growth around his anus with fowl odor. We were startled by its appearance and the more we looked we were struck with disbelief at what we were seeing. We saw maggots crawling in and out of the cauliflower growth hundreds of them. Many of us ran out of the clinic to throw up. Most of us were below the age of 19. The doctor than explained it to the medical and nursing students that it was called condyloma lata .I am not sure if I spelled it right. However, the doctor explained that it is caused because of anal intercourse. We did not know anything about sex at that age and anal sex? I was raised in a conservative home and I went to girls convent school and Girls College and for me it is a sin to talk anything about sex. All we did was giggled a lot out of anxiety and uneasiness. I dont know. For the next 3 weeks we gave this man sitz bath and each time hundreds of maggots came out. He was given Penicillin IM shots. I feel guilty that we did not have compassion towards this patient. We looked at him like a sinner. Before I get into my quest into research, I would like to share with you my experience taking care of AIDS patients in San Bernardino county medical center. I migrated to US in 1986. I had a short in-service of this deadly disease in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I had a full time job at Loma Linda Community Hospital and it was a Med-Surg setting. I had no prior experience of taking care of AIDS patients. Majority of the patient I took care in 1988 was a combination of AIDS and TB. The cocktail medication was just getting into the market. These patients were very sick. They needed oxygen to breath; some of them were fed through stomach tube others on TPN (Transparenteral Nutrition). Most of the AIDS patients had a Foley catheter and almost every one was incontinent of stool. My primary goal as I started taking care of them is to educate them to inform all their sexual partners so that they can get checked. We had strict guidelines in those days that we were allowed to inform the family that the patient is HIV positive. I noticed in almost all the patients who were HIV positive they were least motivated to inform their sexual partners. Their attitude was rather someone gave it me and they were rather angry that they had contracted it from someone and therefore it didnt matter whom they had transmitted it to. I remember one husband lied to his wife that he had Cancer. They had no problem addressing that they had cancer or TB or Pneumonia or whatever they can come up with but never that they are HIV Positive. I worked in this SBCMC for 9 years and took care of several of AIDS patients during that time. I began each shift assessing and cleaning them. Almost all of them needed cleaning almost all the time. They had a prolapsed rectum and stool kept draining out continuously. Skin was fragile around the anus and with rectal prolapse I used to apply Vaseline around the anus to prevent excoriation of the skin due to frequent wiping. Once a shift I would try to put them on a bedpan wash them with warm water instead of wiping them. I had to immediately tuck-in a small soft wash clothe into their rectum so that the patient wouldnt get wet. The rectum was soo loose my entire fist could go in. I had to tuck in a washcloth in the anus after cleaning the patient on one side and turn him over to the other. Or else the entire stool would gush out and I could be with just one patient the entire shift. We were unable to place a rectal bag, as the surrounding skin is already red due to incontinence. Rectum is highly vascular. It was designed for things to come out and not go in. Intestines are about 22 feet long and filled with excreta produced by the whole body. I dont understand why anyone would think rectal intercourse as normal. It may be pleasurable mainly because it is tighter and probably hits the prostate gland that may further increase the climax. However the thought that someone wants to penetrate a rectum full of feces is incomprehensible for me. Not at the cost of a loose flabby rectum unable to do its job. I am so tempted to bring all the homosexuals to witness the last days of their life in the hospital before they develop dementia. I must add here that I am now 50 years old. I do not see anyone as a sinner. Through lifes journey and working with several wonderful gay nurses I love them all. I worked with one gay nurse who was the best friend I ever had. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him and know his considerate heart. It is because of this wonderful friend my heart was transformed and I had so much compassion for all these patients I took care at SMCMC. I did everything in my power to keep them comfortable and educated them to be responsible and accountable in vain. When all is said and done as a nurse I chose to surrender and let it go. Is there really safe sex? In my opinion it is a myth. I had 2 pregnancies with condom. Unless the condom is adequately lubricated the entrance into the rectum is challenging. Anal opening is designed to be tight and rectum is richly supplied with innumerable blood vessels and therefore higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Why would anyone want to stick his or her penis into poop tube? Even animals are not homosexuals. I havent seen 2 male birds mate, 2 female snakes mate or even dogs for that matter. Are we worse then animals? As human beings are we using our penis to make life choices and decisions? Are we worse than animals? With the increase in perversion we are justifying and compromising our pervert behavior and justifying that we were created that way is primitive. I wish schools have a program were they have a field trip to hospitals to see patients with AIDS rectum, brain dead youth due to DUI, quadriplegics, drug detox. etc., Schools also need to encourage visits to the prison to learn the consequences of drug and unintelligent choices. Children and youth need to be surrounded consistently with role models who are morally and ethically sound. There is increasing number of parents who are immoral, lack of emphasis to education or accepting the wrong information like safe sex. How could anyone buy a term safe sex? The only safe sex I know of is abstinence or masturbation. In my opinion same sex marriage is distortion, just like incest, or rape or adultery. It reflects lack of discipline, self-control, etc. I am obese and I understand and I can relate to giving into temptation. If someone wants to edit my paper you are welcome. Research: The fact is that orientation is not only impacted significantly by type of early sexual experience and family dysfunction but is often not established until adulthood is near, that the promotion of homosexuality in schools may be nudging a percentage of sexually confused youth into that lifestyle, heightening greatly their risk of attempted suicide [As Remafedi notes in yet another study (3), The very experience of acquiring a homosexual or bisexual identity at an early age places the individual at risk for dysfunction. This conclusion is strongly supported by the data.]. The gay lifestyle is a lonely and isolated one, but not primarily because of discrimination and intolerance. Even in San Francisco, easily the gay-friendlyest city of this country, the gay life is not a happy one. Rather, it is a lifestyle of either shallow or short-lived relationships; brief, noncommittal and often violent sexual encounters; sexually transmitted disease; normative promiscuity, and gay vs. gay violence. In the final analysis, the gay life is a short life. Our study of over 7,000 gay and lesbian obituaries, published last year in Omega (4), indicates clearly that gay males are dying on average at age 42 in this country, over 30 years sooner than average married heterosexual males. The same holds for lesbians, who are dying on average at age 44. html Anal intercourse is among the riskiest sexual activities probably due to the fact that the rectal mucosal lining is very thin and can easily tear during anal sex. The mucosal lining absorbs water from the liquid waste of the small intestines and turns it into solid feces. The absorptive properties of the mucosal lining make it a prime entryway for infections, including HIV.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Homophobe,

"I am not homophobic." Sorry sweetie, your senseless rant would argue against that self-assessment. After all, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck. And dearie, let me tell you, you are quacking loud and clear.

"I must confess that I haven't researched in this area but I know that in my heart that this choice is in appropriate!" Well, that statement speaks volumes about your astounding lack of understanding of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is not a choice. When did you "choose" to be attracted to the opposite sex? Perhaps you should do a bit of research before drawing conclusions. Homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with hormonal imbalances. Your theories and misconceptions are shockingly nave for someone who has been trained as a nurse. By the way, you seem bizarrely, perhaps pathologically, fixated on anal sex. The graphic descriptions reflect your morbid fascination with this sexual practice. I hate to break the news to you dearie, but anal sex is not limited to gay men. It's commonly practiced by many heterosexuals as well. Perhaps it was that unfortunate experience with the maggot-infested condylomata lata in the anal region you witnessed at a young age that psychologically scarred you. The doctor who told you ". . . it is caused because of anal intercourse" was incorrect. Condylomata lata is caused by syphilis. It's a condition that can commonly be found in the vaginal area as well. By the way, how judgmental of you to look at that suffering patient "like a sinner." As for your "sharing" all the poopy details of your various nursing duties, gee thanks! I'm sure glad I wasn't eating dinner. By the way, you do realize I'm a physician, don't you? And that I've been an HIV/AIDS specialist since the early 80s? Did it ever cross your mind I just may have even more experience in the field than that provided by your stint on the wards? By the way, your medical assumptions are as off base as your notions about sexual orientation. The rectal prolapses you vividly described were due to chronic diarrhea (in the 80s, most likely due to cryptosporidium or microsporidium), not because the patients had anal sex!

Also, you seem to equate being gay with anal sex, illness, unhappiness and death. Where did you come up with such a notion? Perhaps you've been watching Fox News channels or getting your (inaccurate) statistics about unhappy unhealthy homosexuals from the Vatican?

"Why would anyone want to stick his or her penis into poop tube?" HER PENIS?????? YIKES!!! Dearie, are you sure you're a nurse? I guess you must have slept through the anatomy course as well as the course on sexual orientation, compassion and common sense.

"In my opinion same sex marriage is a distortion, just like incest, or rape or adultery." You're welcome to your opinion. My opinion is that you're a narrow-minded wingnut who should never have been granted a nursing degree.

As a well-adjusted, extremely happy gay man in a successful committed relationship of 15 years, I find your comments insulting. I can only assume you sent your bigoted rant to me in error. Surely you meant to submit it to "The Journal of Irreproducible Results" or perhaps "The Journal of Small-minded Homophobic Bigots."

Despite your foolish comments, I wish you enlightenment. No, really, I do.

Dr. Bob

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