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31 billion! And angels our watching

Jul 3, 2006

If we can as a society work to help improve this world and make it better for future generations we have succeeded in the most difficult and most important job known to man....

Response from Dr. Frascino


BRAVO! I absolutely agree. Unfortunately not everyone does. Take a look at one of several lengthy messages I received from folks (primarily AIDS denialists or religious zealots). Needless to say, I did not feel his rant even merited a response, but it's educational for all of us to remember these whacked-out dudes with messianic tendencies are out there. Scary, eh?

Dr. Bob

This email was generated from your web site: sendto: subject: Contact Form - Aids Foundation Name: xxxxxx Phone: xxxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxxxxxxxxxt Comments Questions: "THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH" "And blessed is he, whosoever, is not offended in me." "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good." Mahatma Gandhi [This is all FREE info, to everybody...never to be sold for money!] Dare to Bravely "COME FOLLOW ME" >>> ********************************************************* Dear Mr.Bill & Mrs Melinda Gates Foundation &Warren Buffett Sir: A. Please excuse me: Presently y'all could be ( and are) committing high crimes against Mother Nature's Earthly Humanity!?. By investing or giving away billions of dollars to fight a completely innocent by-stander HIV; which is not the cause of AIDS! The single diseases that you are giving your money away to fight, is the right approach to save human lives. And the other HIV/AIDS combined expression, is murdering the multitudes right now. You may mean well, but the way in which some of these foundations are going about treating diseases in our world is absolutely and positive wrong and destructive to human life. What I'm saying just might sound "objectionable" to some; but it is imperative that I express my opinion, just like they do, etc. Moreover, Big Money alone, with it not being directed based on factual truth; is a greater threat to world health; than not having enough money at all. For without wood-grass-money to fuel the raging forest fires of disease, lies and hunger; it inevitably runs it course and eventually burns itself out. Are y'all not keeping the spreading flames of Malaria, Tuberculosis, Small Pox, Cancer, and like diseases alive and well? Well, let me say this: Regardless of how popular and prominent Rich Men are, we all put our pants on the same way, if you know what I mean? White males need to stop trying to play God over the global world, in its every Satanic form...for good or bad, for better or worse!! B. Therefore respectfully: I must inform you that your personal names are being submitted to the International-World Court of Justice, to be Summoned into a very costly court trial for Judgment...sooner or later. And, or called in for questioning and perhaps to help us get down to the bottom of the legalities of this HIV and AIDS, treatment program. All you have to do is to take control of your foundation, and make absolute sure that you are not giving away large sums of money to cure HIV when it don't actually exist. But to focus your attention on things that I hear are on your agenda, such as well known diseases, poverty, education and health care, etc. Those are all good acts and deeds. So why blow too loose... throwing away monetary finances? C. If you guys keep thinking you can get away with, specifically what I'm referring to; you are dead wrong! The very FOUNDATION of our Planet shall do more than shake, rattle and roll. But she is now planning to wipe millions of HOMO SAPIENS off this revolving BODY! This big beautiful girl has defended herself, and her human creations, many times before. And she will not hesitate to Stop & Destroy, those who buy into this HIV fraud in fact devilish lie; because of being a greater threat to all her HUMANITY!!! D. In fact: The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth's Divine retaliating against; those who permit....Her Wealthy Enemies & Rich Adversaries in. Y'all are smart men and many times geniuses, when it comes around to business and generating fortunes; but you guys are very dumb and stupid; to ever believe that your money can or will solve any of our world's problems...esp. when misappropriated. Your new campaign of uniting with other Rich Tycoons; will only hasten the total destruction of many nations...expressly the United States of America. Re-adjust now before it is all but too late! E. Moreover, I've researched and looked deep off into your websites and all affiliates thereof. And have found substantial evidence and proof that you guys are knowingly-willingly and intentionally ignoring the opposing scientific medical data on this alleged HIV and AIDS pandemic-epidemic, etc. Civil & Criminal Charges must ensue$$$! In this serious case, not only are your good reputations hanging out on the line; but your accumulated wealth, along with your freedom and liberty; if and when tried-convicted and sentenced?!. Therefore, in short, I strongly suggest that y'all take heed, correct your approaches to treat AIDS, and immediately stop funding these bogus and harmful HIV testing and treatment programs, which are directed at poor people of color....they are ungodly and racist! We can prove it too!! F. I_ honestly ask...why leave behind a notorious family legacy for your on coming generations of grandchildren? The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, shall eventually come out in a civilized legal forum. It is my individual job to bring the facts to your attention, so that a fair opportunity is given in a timely fashion; to allow you to readjust, thus to repent. For now, you can't any longer claim that you didn't know! Ignorance can no longer be a viable defense. G. And if the Foundation don't expeditiously change its harmful ways, racist policies and discriminatory practices; your Great Financial Wealth & Riches, shall prove to be a Curse and not a Blessing ... after all. Plus, why disregard or disrespect my email message, thus allow me, a monetary lacking-little lower-class African American Black man with spiritually rich ideas, be your Rock of Offense & BIG STUMBLING BLOCK? Trust me, the Foundation's establishment and super-structure; shall come falling down hard from grace. H. I prophesy and predict: All owners and associates that are aiding and abetting genocidal medical treatment; consciously or unconsciously, can and will face devastating (Class Action) lawsuits from all injured-damaged and or killed people all over our global world. It's just a matter of time before the Prosecuting Great White Sharks & Euro-Defense Attorneys move in to feed and for the kill, of you foundations. Your past and present enemies, are not going to simply let anybody_ greedy hog and swine; get out of the game on easy terms. Smile. And all those of a culpable mental state shall be brought in to JUSTICE....Mam & Sir!! Please don't complain, but suck it all up and continue to read the following report >>>"COME FOLLOW ME" >>> ......................................................................................................................... "The Sharp Two Edged Sword" cuts up Fraud in Fact Lies & Deceit!! HIV vs AIDS; A Deadly Pandemic Man Made!!! 1. Positively Yes I'm on a God given mission and calling: It is good that you'll have to excuse me, because whether or not you agree or disagree with what I'm saying, I intend to help save millions of human lives. Therefore, your understanding and cooperation shall be greatly appreciated. Moreover, I believe and know that "The Spirit of Truth" is our only rational Savior, which blessing has redemptive qualities that can set the mind-body-spirit and soul of all humanity free! 2. On the other hand, it is the harmful and destructive Fraud in Fact Racist Lies & Devilish Deceit; that is causing so many bloody conflicts, wars, and catastrophic unprecedented weather patterns; along with much sickness-diseases and unfortunate deaths. As a direct and proximate result of these greedily pursued Capital Gains and insane financial interests; the "Global Warming" of Corporate White Supremacy & our Capitalist US Government of Superiority, is far out of control. Thus has become the major terrorist threat to our National-Homeland Security & World Peace. Because of making too many hateful international enemies, instead of (trusting) friendships through fair and just policies that last. And both of them are removed far beyond the Constitutional powers entrusted, by the electoral-voting system of "We The People". A. Likewise, regardless of the negative impact or how it hurt others, the multitudes are seeking gainful employment opportunities, with these hateful scams that cheat and rob the human body organism of it's general health and well-being. Thus, from the top to the bottom of our scio-economic system of race, ethnicity and or class, this nation and world has succumbed to the Love of Corrupt & Dishonest Money... vs... the Love of Honest-Clean Money$$. 3. For the above sound reasons...the huge money flow is shifting back toward those of us who are participating in getting this valuable word out; and is fast becoming a JUST way to earn a wholesome living. Those that willingly correct their mistakes or questionable behavior; shall start to receive the income support through various grants; plus healthy contribution funds. Thus in strange mysterious seeming ways that are hard to explain, our hope and faith is being rewarded handsomely. And I can visualize: Participants are being given cash bonuses for assisting our campaigns to get down to the bottom of the HIV; wrongful (life sentence) conviction case and unjust death penalty verdict. A. Fortunately, we now have what I've named: A Natural Human Rights Movement, being activated by about 2000 of our (decent-good) Abolitionist minded white Euro-Caucasian scientists, Bio-chemists, doctors and physicians. Plus a whole lots more (smart-intelligent) people of color are joining the courageous teams a civil war of discussion and open dialog with the public. We are counteracting the bad whites and egregious Anglo-Americans who have secretly formed an extremely Wicked & Evil Conspiracy, to make huge monetary profits from Medical Murder & Clinical Slavery. Therefore, I'm boldly sounding the alarm! 4. They are exploiting-expediently what we (minority citizens) recognize as Racial Profiling & Targeting, African Americans, Black Negroid Mother Africa, Yellow Mongoloid Asia, Latinos, and all other non-whites; for HIV testing and unwarranted AIDS medicinal treatments. Expressly, being encouraged by the mainstream news media, and or forced to take very toxic chemicals and immune system destroying drugs, (combination cocktails as they are often called). Thus, culminating into a discriminatory internal state of affairs; meaning Institutionalized Racism. It is running rampant as a raging forest fire across our nation, the United States of America...and it is a crying out loud low down dirty shame and utter disgrace! Nevertheless, "We Shall Overcome" today!! 5. Don't foolishly get aboard this pirate ship and cruel slave boat, that is flying the flag of the Grim Reaper, in the surreptitious guise of charitable-Christian Church HIV testing programs. Hiding behind the mask of philanthropy, possessed by the demons of incredible guilt for causing so much poverty and suffering in our world, while storing up huge fortunes. And these slick villains have not truly repented, but is on another new venture to deceive the world into believing that they are God fearing people with a compassionate heart. Well, let us put it to the TEST...and witness for ourselves, how these faking to be kind-hearted foundations, adjust to the LEGAL CAUSE OF ACTION being wedged against them in a Just Court of Law! Just as David did Goliath, ArtistCHD intend to bring the biggest-richest-and most glutinous capitalist monster down to ground level zero! Take out the leader and head; bankrupt this beast, then the body parts, small members, crooked aid workers, shall fall likewise...accordingly. A. Unless they hurry up and repent and stop systematically killing my black skinned race....and attempting to murder ME...MYSELF via lethal pharmaceutical drugs. Think not that I'm some stupid fool, because what I say is clearly written: "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect." No, I don't care who a man is or who he thinks he is, nor do I care how much money or wealth they have; nobody is above the Natural Human Laws which are Eternal & Everlasting 'n Life! 6. Moreover, specifically, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Therefore I say to Black people: "Study to show thyself approved unto God." Learn to investigate and ask serious questions concerning our health and well-being. Do not keep assuming that the [negative-stereotypical] medical statistical data [aimed at us] is accurate and true! Take the precious time out and read and research deep off into this HIV and AIDS matter without delay. A. Expressly I'm talking about the BLACK CHURCH...use your Web Search: ["Why I Quit HIV by Rebecca V. Culshaw ]" intelligent young white lady...her e-mail: [ ] Note: unprejudiced your mind, for she's a good white woman! Furthermore, don't try to use that 'O Nigerish and "white trash" expression of saying; well, I thought that he was just some kind of crazy man sending me these emails, etc., etc., etc. That won't work....I know the mental games, my brothers and sisters...these closed minded type didn't want to listen..., so they said the very same thing about Christ Jesus...too! OK? 7. We are no longer ignorant and dumb "Negroes" & "Colored People"; but we are now astute and very well learned. Meaning, simply that we don't have historical excuses and sorry ass alibis to depend on any more. Reality Check! We also have enough African American media in full operation, in order to get this critical information out among our race of people. That is if in truth we actually love ourselves and each other? A. This is an emergency, for these Western-Euro-Colonial & Western Capitalist forces, are plotting to re-enslave all of the dark melanin pigmented racial groups, as a whole and total sum. Mother Africa and African Americans & Asians are their principle targets. Is Bill & Melinda Gates aware of these destructive phenomena? Are they not being irresponsible by not controlling the unmonitored giving away their hoarded up legal tender? Do they care in an honest compassionate way; that these horrible creatures wish to kill off as many of us a possible, through an insidious, harmful but attractive form of HIV hospital genocide. So that can take over our God given lands, countries and the natural resources they contain. Bringing in large populations of white appearing people to become naturalized citizens, building new settlements, community based businesses that are virtually all Anglo European Caucasoids. Live In Health Care Workers! B. Yet their treachery shall backfire right in their thieving "pale faces"...for sure! All of the huge financial aid packages, are no more than bribery money, as a viable strategy applied by Lucifer Satan the Racist White Supremacist Devil; that is conspiring with the BlackJackUncleTomDevil...!!! Smile, but do be ware and apprised, "That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive." 8. Believe me, that these are not legitimate apostles of Christ! They (and their fraud) can be identified by the fruit that they bear, such as advocating and worshiping some fictitious Anglo-Euro-Caucasian white Male's portrait face image; as our Lord & Savior. In that the true MultiplexRacial and real melanin skin complexioned, identity of brother Jesus Christ was buried alive. Thus replaced by Western impostors and evil doers of the worst kind, etc. Then these racist white supremacist people made this white man into God Himself!! Now these filthy rich animals, are claiming to be fighting against global hunger and poverty; esp. in Africa & Asia, and at the very same time remaining in their sinful fraud in fact lies and deceit! And it is written: "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (II Ch or. 11:13-15) 9. The "Enemy Combatants" are the profiteers who are no more than "raven wolves in sheep's clothing!" The Lord God Almighty's inspired warriors are those; faithful men and women that are loyal to true-knowledge in medical science. They represent a trustworthy body of wiser-educated people, that are dissenting and opposing this alleged HIV = AIDS false hypothesis and grossly flawed theory. Plainly, due to it making hundreds of thousands of subjects get critically sick, thus is systematically killing millions of otherwise healthy patients! The more money being (naively) put off into fighting this innocent by-stander and alleged guilty HIV, as the seed-root cause of AIDS; the more harm is being caused by these BIG CASH BUCK$$$ Even some sincere Corporate Giants are being fooled, tricked and misled by Satan's sinister scientists who are working in collusion with various corrupt government officials! Besides, it seems as though the assumed infected populations in foreign lands; their living and health conditions keep getting worse off, due to these injurious investments which are counter-productive. Note: Common sense dictates; says that clean water, nutritional food, the building of infrastructure and the like is what Africa needs. And China is doing just that, giving them the economic and political advantage over the United States of America and they contrive to portray too many negative African images. A total waste of valuable time and resources!! A. Bloody fights and violence is escalating following the negative HIV stigma; generated by the Western Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & BBC. Yet all those who take heed to my informative messages, as I've envisioned, shall be "saved by the grace of God!" Thus prosper in the best of health and in all things for their positive investment$$$ deter the false HIV lie being told...that you are going to have full blown day and die! I say don't ever believe it, for you are doing just perfectly fine. So truly believe in that mental medicine to treat the sick spirit; and to counteract the bribing-duping and brainwashing media propaganda... as an effective antidote for healing the poisoned mind! B. Moreover, if they would go as far as to concoct and fabricate some HIV causes AIDS scheme; then we better watch out for the Bird Flu or Avian Virus. These sinister scientists will try to culture this disease in their laboratory test tubes, in human tissues, so that it would mutate into a contagious disease, capable of being passed on from human to human. The World Court--International Court of Justice, need to stay vigilantly on guard, thus start preparing to apprehend these suspects by force, if need be. Every governing body and race of people must have full knowledge, as to what and when these medical experiments are taking place. "We The People" should have ultimate and active controls over each and every medical institute in our world! No body can be trusted, all alone, esp. where important issues of race is involved, under this New World Global Law!!! 10. Particularly damaging, with these invading and occupying Western Colonizing aid workers, bringing into the geographical regions their immoral-blasphemous religious practices, contagious false Christianity, and unethical political policies. Likewise, the misinformed Euro-Caucasoid doctors and nurses, are conducting guinea pig experiments, on native inhabitants, by using and or unleashing their test tube germs-bacteria-viruses and diseases. And the indigenous people's lives never gets any better, yet take a drastic turn towards adversity, as a direct fatal result of this reckless indifference and negligent disregard for our lives. Civil unrest and strife frequently breaks out, into waring factions, with the USA supporting one side, and European countries backing the other side; while attempting to block Asia's China out. But their billions of dollars have already been well invested to help themselves, plus help set the African continent free form European Imperial Forces...etc. A. Certainly (devilish) Euro-Caucasians are the demonic perpetrators involved, who has had 400 years to do right by Mother Africa; but grossly fail! And are turning tribes against each other, pitting families against one another, where ever they are meddling-interfering and sticking their big noses into others business...globally. The prejudiced-discriminatory-racist whites will be killed or wisely get the God Damned hell out! We are now counting down to Armageddon's Prophetic Holy World War 3!!! B. Presently, nothing works right, simply because Great Riches & Wealth, that has been contaminated by (self-righteous) greed in its accumulation, is the creating cause of the problem and not the correct answer as a solution. Especially, prosperity acquired or made off of the over-burdened backs of the poor, historical slavery... is ungodly, filthy and unhealthful with perhaps, an ensuing Divine Curse vs a Divine Blessing!!!. C. In brief: It can not be applied to buy honest solutions-truth-justice-love and spiritual values, in no manner-shape or form. What we all need is to know THE WHOLE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH...for it is the most cost effective remedy. Thus, I'm offering it to y'all right now! 11. In true-reality, in spite of any philanthropic compassion, goodwill to all people; through this active effort to promote human welfare, the warm-hearted charitable donations are being misappropriated to fight HIV vs AIDS!! Instead of being used to cure the 29 or so known diseases that comprise or make up AIDS, etc. Which invidious process of treating the falsely accused-victim and not the cause, don't solve the clinical problem, neither do it create an effective vaccine to prevent or cure these deadly diseases. And this misdirection of money-aid-funds, deliberate distracting the public attention away from our opposing beliefs, is a worst satanic sin and crime being committed against humanity; than anything else! In my opinion, it constitutes a fraudulent democracy and equals legalized Genocide! But, the good news is that it can and will be STOPPED...via a force of circumstances created by Divine Intervention!!! [underlined words = self corrections] 12. Albeit, I will not go too far off into explaining the details of this very important medical treatment issue, for right now. But I do encourage y'all to go promptly, and visit my informative Web site domain: xx . That is xxx xxx xxx Arts. You can safely open your closed mind, if in fact this is the case, because this is not a commercial Web site, nor am I trying to sell you anything for money. I feel it to be necessary that I aggressively assert myself via electronic mail letters, in order to help effect positive the thinking processes of as many people as I can. Especially those of us who truly care about Mother Nature's Earthly Humanity and this great big beautiful planetary sphere, in which we all live here on. We have many rewarding things to look forward to...with the truth coming out...we are very happy! 13. Employing a healthy good sense of humor: I have created and composed a theme song in hopes of stimulating interest, through our global world community. These are CD's & MP3s expressed in my Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form... CyberJazzBluesRapP; Homemade grassroots music played from the HipP & Lapp!! A CyberSpaceAge digital arts production...for our 21st century. 14. Simply go to Web site homepage, then click on the appropriate song title, to go to the selected Web page #23... to hear-listen to the musical poems, about HIV vs AIDS!!. Or just go to my Table of Contents on page 4 and click on your choice? If you would like to have a FREE CD made for your personal use, then contact me via e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxx. Your respectful request shall be honored...and I'll foot the postal costs. Or you can easily download the musical MP3, to your computer's Media Player. That way you can help me spread the good word, thus to circulate these crucial messages which I think are of paramount importance. And maybe later on you may distribute your homemade sound tracks, receive purified donations to your organization; as a positive benefit. You shall certainly be helping to make our only world a better place for all HOMO SAPIENS to live...'n Love Peace & Harmony!! "By the grace of God, which was given unto me"; 'n Loving' Faith Always, The Original Creative ArtistCHD. [Monday, June 26, 2006...6:20 PM] Thank Y'all For Your Cooperation & Interest. ............................................................................................................................ PS: This is OPERATIONS COMMUNICATIONS...with my not belonging to any particular political party, church congregation; nor affiliated with any civil rights organization. I'm an independent thinker and Divinely Inspired leader. And is on no body's side other than "The Spirit of Truth." Thus have I declined membership to any of these stated entities, because they can and will prejudice my mind; bias my opinions, wrongly influence my decisions; therefore corrupt my judgments. I'm honest and clean; so then, you are free to bravely "COME FOLLOW ME" and get involved--right now--today!

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