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Response to Beck Discussion
Feb 3, 2009

Disappointed to see the lack of objective material regarding electro medicine. Saying that Bob Beck is a physicist and not an MD is hardly an argument about the efficacy of electro medicine. The same applies to your other comments. Having used and been cured through using the protocol, as well as having read the research, the trails and the other clinical data, i can only suggest that you are either ignorant or else you have some agenda that prevents you from studying electro medicine seriously.

Response from Dr. Frascino


You used Beck's electro-zapper and you have been "cured"? From HIV/AIDS?? Wow! Gosh, I wonder how I missed hearing about that at all the HIV/AIDS conferences. Hmm . . . so, um, why aren't you on the cover of Time magazine and being interviewed by Oprah? Perhaps because you were featured on the cover of the "Journal of Irreproducible Results" and have been busy with interviews on "Looney Lunatics and Other Gullible Crackpots"??? That's on the Fox News network, isn't it?

My comments and opinions about Beck and his zapper remain unchanged. Oh, and congratulations on being cured. Hey, you might want to call Magic Johnson and ask him if he'd like to be cured as well, OK? Just in case he hasn't heard about it either.

Dr. Bob

why so angry??? (Blood Electrification, 2008) Jan 8, 2009

Why is it that anytime someone mentions a cure for HIV/AIDS such as tetrasil/imusil or blood electrification you get real sarcastic and angry? I myself am HIV- but I do know alot of people who are infected with this terrible virus. I have been surfing the internet about the tetrasil/imusil injections and the blood electrification and they all basically say the same thing. There were actually real human trials with both of these treatments that seemed to be very effective in curing HIV/AIDS they both had a patent# and everything. The blood electrification was going to hit the markets in the early 90's then they had a conference about it and the very idea about it, all of a sudden vanished. One woman who had AIDS actually contacted Dr.Lyman (one of the doctor's who invented it) about it and he frantically denied any knowledge about it, and also denied even knowing the other doctor who made the discovery with him and then he hung up the phone on her(does that not sound kinda fishy to you?), as far as the tetrasil/imusil injections goes, it is a fact that after it received it's patent number the government offered the doctor who made that discovery millions of tax free american dollars in exchange for all the rights over the injections, the doctor refused and then all the sudden it wasn't available either then or in the future with no explanation as to why. The reason I am so into this is because i had a cousin who died from AIDS and he couldn't take the medication they have available on the markets now because it was so toxic to his system. It was killing him faster than the actual AIDS virus. It is a known fact that the government makes millions of dollars off of just ONE HIV/AIDS infected individual with these toxic medications they're that eventually stop working and reck extreme havoc in your body in the long run. It is so completly obvious that the government is not planning on putting a cure out there either now or anytime in the future,it's a money thing. They are making too much money with these toxic medications that they are selling leaving HIV/ AIDS victims no other choice but to take just to have "some" quality of temporary life, they know that if a cure was to come into effect they would have to make it cost efficient and in doing that they would loose millions of dollars that's just common sense, but neverhteless whether some people want to believe it or not...a cure for HIV/AIDS actually does exist and probably has for a long time and for the government to keep it under wraps and keep distributing those dangerous and toxic medications is just terrible... i believe we should all help to put an end to this epidemic whether your hiv+ or hiv-. People are dying and it doesn't have to be.If you choose to get angry or sarcastic with me that's fine because it still doesn't change the fact and i will also understand if you don't repost this, i just wanted you to read it because i think that everyone infected with this horrible disease deserves to know the truth, and should no longer be forced into a blindfold by the government.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Do I get sarcastic when someone mentions a cure for HIV/AIDS has been suppressed by the government (or aliens or whomever) for the past two decades? Yes, sweetie, I do because I and 33,000,000 other people struggle with the challenges of coexisting with HIV on a daily basis. I have devoted my professional and personal life to HIV/AIDS research, care, prevention, education, awareness and treatment. If there really was a "cure" available, don't you think folks like me and say Magic Johnson would opt for the cure rather than fistfuls of antivirals, which have significant toxicities and side effects? Be reasonable!

Your Internet-search-inspired conspiracy theory about the blood electrification cure being suppressed just as it was going to hit the market is beyond nave.

My assessment of this "cure" remains unchanged. It's pure twaddle! (See below.)

Dr. Bob


Hi, there . . .I read with interest your responses regarding the Beck Protocol and its various applications. As a medical specialist you must have compelling evidence, repeatable and reproducible by third parties, that pulsed magnetic fields are useless with regard to pathogen-induced illnesses. Would you share those references with us? Thanks, Rick in Vancouver, Canada

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Rick,

Actually, as a medical specialist, it is not up to me or any other credible medical scientist to provide "compelling evidence, repeatable and reproducible by third parties, that pulsed medical fields" cure AIDS (or have any effect on other pathogen-induced illnesses)! Likewise, it's not up to me to disprove claims that ingesting ground-up unicorn horn makes people horny. Scientific proof goes the other direction. The person with the claim needs to prove scientifically that it works. That has not happened with the blood electrifiers! Getting a patent for a useless procedure is not at all difficult. It happens all the time. Beck's "blood electrification" has been around for over a decade and so have his outrageous and unproven claims that his whacko invention cures AIDS and cancer. As I have often stated, when claims sound way too good to be true, they usually are exactly that. Beck has never been to medical school. (He's a physicist, not a medical doctor). I sincerely hope Beck is not promoting his brand of snake oil purely for financial gain at the expense of terminally ill folks desperately seeking a miracle. I'm sure there is a special place in hell for people who would promote such unconscionable scams. Hopefully, Mr. Beck is just a misguided physicist. Although his claims to cure AIDS with his electric zapper have always been pure unadulterated balderdash! See below.

Dr. Bob

Re: Blood Electrification Question (ROBERT BECK) (BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION) Aug 11, 2008

Dr. Frascino

It is so easy to be insensitive and sarcastic about something that perhaps you cannot relate to. Getting an HIV diagnoses is a terrible blow for someone to take even today. I would know. I am surprised that a doctor would show such little compassion. It is not so much that people are gullible enough to believe in far fetched ideas such as curing AIDS by electrifying the blood or by drinking colloidal silver , it is the hope that afflicted by this terrible illness can one day have their lives back. I could only imagine how much money goes in your pocket per every aids patient you treat. God knows, we wouldn't want to give that up, now would we? It is sad that as a doctor you can't give sound advice and be informative without being an a@@hole for lack of a better word. You'd be surprised at what you'd have faith in, if you suddenly knew your mortality. Being a Doctor is so much more than putting a band-aid on a wound, it is about compassion , caring and valuing life. Robert Beck might of been a quack but atleast his heart was in the right place. Mary - New York

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Little Miss Mary Mary Quite Contrary! Do you have any idea how out of line you are? Apparently not. So I'll show you line by line!

"It is so easy to be insensitive and sarcastic about something that perhaps you cannot relate to." Mary sweetie, I've been an HIV specialist for over a quarter of a century. I've also been HIV positive since January 1991.

"Getting an HIV diagnosis is a terrible blow for someone to take even today. I would know." So would I!!!

"I am surprised that a doctor would show such little compassion." Obviously you know absolutely nothing about me or my work and have read practically nothing that I have written in these forums. I have devoted my life to fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic on many levels. I am an HIV specialist physician. I have founded two HIV/AIDS clinics devoted to the comprehensive and compassionate care of those infected with HIV. I have founded a nonprofit organization, the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, which has raised well over a million dollars for HIV/AIDS organizations worldwide. (Check out Now, remind me again Mary what exactly have you accomplished?

". . . It is the hope that those afflicted by this terrible illness can one day have their lives back." Mary, I'm perhaps the most optimistic person on the planet. However, I'm also a realist. False hope is not helpful. Electrifying blood and drinking colloidal silver is pure poppycock and to pretend otherwise is foolish.

". . . I could only imagine how much money goes in your pocket per every AIDS patient you treat." Really??? Care to take a guess??? Not one penny! All my efforts are voluntary.

". . . It is sad that as a doctor you can't give sound advice and be informative without being an asshole for lack of a better word." Mary, you have a right to your opinion. But I think you should check your facts (and my work!) before jumping to conclusions.

"You'd be surprised at what you'd have faith in if you suddenly knew your mortality." I do know my mortality and I know very well what to believe in science! Believing in voodoo, witchcraft and other far-fetched fantasies is not helpful. In fact, it is frequently harmful. (See below.)

"Being a doctor is so much more than putting a Band-Aid on a wound, it is about compassion, caring and valuing life." Mary, there we agree.

"Robert Beck might have been a quack . . . ." Mary, there we agree again!

". . . but at least his heart was in the right place." Sorry, there we don't agree. He and his hocus-pocus crap have played on the fears and vulnerabilities of those with HIV and cancer to make a profit. I stand by my comments, which I will repost below. Mary, if you do decide to write back, I'd suggest you begin with an apology.

Dr. Bob

Blood Electrification Question (ROBERT BECK) (BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION) Dec 24, 2007

Hi Dr. Frascino, I also saw the Robert C. Beck Video and was very interested in what was presented. I didn't know how to respond exactly after watching it and started looking up information online about him, and the drug electrification process. The night that I first found out about this I felt like the process could be true. I read your response to a readers question that was listed online at where you replied that the process didnt actually work. I am not trying to upset you by asking, however do you know anyone that has tried this? Do you know or have you heard anything about blood electrification? I am a 25 year old student who has been living with HIV for 1.5 years, not taking meds yet. Please respond if you have a chance.

Thankyou, Gpineda

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hi Gpineda,

A few things for you to consider: 1. Dr. Beck is not a medical doctor. He's a physicist. 2. Beck's "blood electrification" (with and without the added ionic/colloid silver and freshly ozonated water) has been around for over a decade. If it really cured AIDS, would Magic Johnson and I still be putting up with taking fistfuls of antiretroviral medications and struggling with the resultant side effects? 3. Beck claims his invention not only cures HIV/AIDS, but also "cancer and leukemia!" Hmm . . . one wonders what he'll cure next. Bad breath? Dandruff? The heartbreak of psoriasis? 4. When claims sound too good to be true, they usually are indeed too good to be true. So, Gpineda, think about it. Is there even a snowball's chance in hell this process actually cures AIDS, cancer and leukemia and has been around for a decade and yet the only place you hear about it is on sketchy Web sites using references that date back to the Clinton Era?

Gpineda, you don't have to worry about upsetting me. I understand how appealing myths can be. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Compassionate Conservatives they all sound good and some folks actually believe they exist. But that doesn't change reality. Beck's blood zapper does not cure HIV/AIDS. Period.

Dr. Bob

Dr's with blinders Dec 24, 2007

How can a Doctor like Dr. Frascino answer a serious question somebody has about, wondering why a possible, so to speak cure for HIV by Dr Robert Beck, is not being used. Many, if not most all of our medicines for come from plants and animals and some were even assumed to be a myth at one time.

We live in a world where any thing is possible and without hope and an open mind in these troubled times life with HIV and other diseases would be a nightmare to many.

I didn't find Dr. Frascino's response to a serious question, no matter how bazar the cure might sound, to do anyone any good. It sure lowered the respect I have for him and am glad he isn't heading up the research for a cure. It might come from the hoof of a reindeer. Remember, they still use leeches in our hospitals.

It is our willingness to explore outside of the box that will find a cure for many of the diseases we have plaguing society today.

So, Doc. Please, share your knowledge, not your sarcasium. Your much better at that.

Response from Dr. Frascino


If you wish to believe a cure for AIDS will come from the "hoof of a reindeer," fine. I'm sure you can find someone willing to make that claim and accept your dollars for their secret formula or miraculous but completely unknown cure. That doesn't mean you have an open mind. It means you're gullible beyond belief! As for Beck's "blood electrification + Ionic/Colloid silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to flush out toxins" cure of AIDS, I can assure you the reindeer-hoof treatment has a much better chance of working. Believing in nonsense has nothing to do with the willingness to explore outside the box. Just because some nutter claims ground up unicorn horn plus rhinoceros spit with a pinch of oregano cures AIDS and Ebola doesn't mean scientists should stop working on promising lines of immune-based therapies and antiretrovirals to attempt to validate these outrageous claims. You may think we physicians have "blinders" on. Fine. That's your prerogative. So when you break your leg skiing, are you planning on going to a tribal witchdoctor or voodoo expert???

Finally, you really shouldn't bitch about someone's "sarcasium" when you can't even spell the world properly.

Dr. Bob

Dr Robert C Beck Dec 9, 2007

Hello Doctor, I've diagnosed with HIV last year and so far I am doing ok with my treatment. However I ran into a site where a cure for HIV/AIDS does exist as Dr. B Beck proved with his protocol. Blood Electrification + Ionic/Colloid silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush out toxins. The Patent is registered with the USPTO and Dr. Beck and Dr Kaali are known in that field.

Why it is not revealed to the world and why is that a secret ? patent #5,188,738. is the site where you can read about it and learn how to get your power back.

Thank you.

Response from Dr. Frascino


"Blood Electrification + Ionic/Colloid Silver + drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush out the toxins" cures AIDS???? Gosh, I thought you needed to add Tasmanian Devil semen, tail of newt and some bat shit in order for the concoction to really work.

And you wonder why this "secret" hasn't been revealed to the world??? Any guesses as to why that may be??????? That's right! Because it's just a load of pseudoscience hooey that works as well as inhaling your grandma's farts for curing HIV/AIDS. Please note, just because someone has a patent on something doesn't mean the "thing" actually works. I remain convinced there is a special place in hell for folks like "Drs." Beck and Kaali who make outrageous claims for personal aggrandizement while taking advantage of those suffering from illnesses like AIDS or cancer. Chances are if reincarnation exists, they may well be reborn as a dung beetle, pond scum or Dubya's elocution coach. (I'm not sure which of those would be the worst fate.)

Dr. Bob

eating with atripla
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