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low grade lymphoma,17yr aids what to do?Nov 4, 2003
Dr. Bruce Dezube's Farewell MessageJul 28, 2003
Dying Husband with Lymphoma and Dementia; This may sound horrible, but I want him to die.Jul 27, 2003
HIV progression/effect on lymph nodesJul 27, 2003
Extremely large lymph node in groin; what's the next step?Jul 27, 2003
Intermediate grade NHLJul 27, 2003
My lymphoma is acting up during chemotherapy!Jul 22, 2003
Can a biopsy of the lymph nodes detect HIV?Jul 18, 2003
Can the first sign of AIDS be a Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma?Jul 18, 2003
type and distribution of Hodgkin's Disease in hiv- and hiv+ patientsJul 6, 2003
2nd time around for Hodgkin's disease-- oh noJul 6, 2003
Does Panretin gel really help destroy KS? I had lymphoma and now I have KSJun 28, 2003
If I remove a lymph node for cosmetic reasons, am I removing something that might be useful?Jun 27, 2003
Obsessing over a lymph nodeJun 27, 2003
my mind and my lymphomaJun 27, 2003
Chronic Lymph NODES? why are they still there?Jun 21, 2003
Generalized swelling of lymph glands throughout the bodyJun 21, 2003
How to measure the size of lymph nodes?Jun 13, 2003
Will prednisone shrink lymph nodes in HIV-infected persons?Jun 13, 2003
Dad's going fast from a double whammy-- CMV infection and lymphoma (help prepare me)Jun 13, 2003
Loads of lymph nodes and Loads of questions about themJun 9, 2003
relationship with another HIV+ve guy and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Can I catch cancer from him?Jun 9, 2003
Lymph nodes- how much of a size difference would cause you concern?May 26, 2003
Marginal Zone B-cell Lymphoma; what should I do now?May 26, 2003
Aids/Lymphoma/Fungal infection-- too many things happening at onceMay 26, 2003
night sweats. lymphoma?May 18, 2003
lymph node swelling-- HIV vs non-HIV enlargementMay 18, 2003
Stopped drugs due to high lactic acid levels while I'm on ChemotherapyMay 18, 2003
Which lymph node swelling should prompt HIV testing?May 3, 2003
is there a difference between lymphadenopathy and a palpable lymph node?May 3, 2003
Lymph nodes in the setting of night sweats; when is enought testing enough?May 3, 2003
Squamous Cell Carcinoma after non-Hodgkin's lymphomaMay 3, 2003
HIV+, Will my lymph node swelling go down if I don't take HIV drugs?May 3, 2003
Worry drug switch can spark reccurence of my lymphoma!May 3, 2003
Very painful lymph nodes; I have both HIV and cancer. Which disease is causing these nodes?Apr 20, 2003
I have lymphoma, do I also have HIV?Apr 20, 2003
Will a lymph node biopsy reveal HIV virus?Apr 12, 2003
low-grade lymphoma; what about this and a node which doesn't grow?Apr 12, 2003
Symptoms of LymphomaApr 12, 2003
What is the meaning of "reactive" lymph node?Apr 6, 2003
How can a Dr tell if you have brain tumor or toxoplasmosis?Apr 6, 2003
Lymph nodes- Can you catch something without getting sick from it?Apr 5, 2003
Swollen Lymph and EBV; what are IgG antibodies?Apr 4, 2003
My brother has lymphoma; Could he be HIV+ and not telling me?Mar 30, 2003
Lymphoma with CMV and HIVMar 15, 2003
New diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma-- What should my treatment be?Mar 15, 2003
How fast do low-grade lymphomas grow?Mar 2, 2003
worried well with swollen nodes-- suicide vs moving on.Mar 2, 2003
Is it a lipoma or lymphoma?Feb 23, 2003
can CMV or lymphoma do this?Feb 22, 2003
The MRI didn't show my lymph nodes.Feb 22, 2003
When is enough lymphoma treatment enough?Feb 21, 2003
primary effusion lymphomaFeb 9, 2003
Does a drop in CD4 signify relapsed Hodgkins?Feb 8, 2003
My brother has AIDS he's been diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease.Feb 8, 2003
Post-lymphoma and Liposucction.Feb 8, 2003
Lymphoma symptoms; Do I have lymphoma?Feb 8, 2003
Lymphoma or HIV?!Feb 8, 2003
Should I get a third opinion about my lymph node?Jan 31, 2003
MRI with gadolinium. What is that?Jan 31, 2003
Biopsy follow-up; Report says "reactive hyperplasia". Help me understand this.Jan 24, 2003
Self diagnosisJan 12, 2003
Another long saga story :=(Jan 12, 2003
What's the best type of imaging to look for enlarged lymph nodes?Jan 12, 2003
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Kaposi's sarcoma- a double whammyJan 12, 2003
Lymph nodes- what size is worrisome?Dec 29, 2002
What about those collarbone glands?Dec 29, 2002
ABVD vs. Standford V for Hodgkin's disease?Dec 29, 2002
can flu-shot increase size of lymph nodes?Dec 22, 2002
Re: Possible Hodgkin's?Dec 21, 2002
prednisone follow-up; can it affect biopsy results?Dec 21, 2002
How many lymph node biopsies should I have?Dec 21, 2002
Possible Hodgkin's?Dec 8, 2002
Lymphoma IgM Level- what level is worrisome?Dec 8, 2002
Does prednisone make the diagnosis of lymphoma more difficult?Dec 8, 2002
Lymphoma- new diagnosis. What's going to happen to me.I'm sooooo worried.Nov 28, 2002
I have so little time left on this Earth; tumour causing a lot of pressure on my neck- what can be done.Nov 15, 2002
Chemotherapy & CD4 riseNov 11, 2002
One more armpit follow-up; What do you do about lymph nodes which neither grow nor shrink?Nov 8, 2002
Helicobacter and HIV InfectionsNov 7, 2002
What's the best way to check for lymph nodes?Nov 7, 2002
Increased risk for other cancers after Hodgkin's-- Can I do anything to prevent this?Oct 18, 2002
armpit nodes follow-up; my physician says not to worry; should I get a second opinion?Oct 18, 2002
PET scan for relapsed Hodgkin's; How accurate is it? What are my chances?Oct 18, 2002
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: Chemo & Rituxan; Epstein-Barr Virus in my tumor.Oct 13, 2002
Why Prednisone for treating non-Hodgkin's LymphomaOct 13, 2002
Do lymph nodes with lymhoma continually increase in size?Oct 11, 2002
I got two different opinions? Radiation or more Rituxan after chemo for non-Hodgkin's LymphomaOct 5, 2002
One more lymph node question. Could my body be fighting HIV in only one place.Oct 5, 2002
NHL Twice & survived; Can I stay on growth hormone; my doctor gives me free rein.Sep 28, 2002
Lymphoma of the brain; what are my friend's chances?Sep 27, 2002
Do you have AIDS if you have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and HIV?Sep 27, 2002
I survived, but now I have anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorderSep 27, 2002
Are armpit nodes part of normal anatomy?Sep 23, 2002
Is HIV present even when they are not swollen?Sep 23, 2002
How many lymph nodes are in the body?Sep 15, 2002
Structured Treatment Interruption for post-Lymphoma patient?Sep 15, 2002
Relief...its only a Reactive Lymphnode, but what exactly does that mean?Sep 14, 2002
Spleen CancerSep 7, 2002
Viral cancer- is there such a thing?Sep 7, 2002
you said lymph nodes are common; what if just one lymph node is swollenAug 29, 2002
Lymphoma - Value your opinion; will this lymphoma kill me?Aug 29, 2002
Additional cure needed? a survivor of Burkitt's lymphomaAug 29, 2002
How can you tell when a lymph node should be biopsied?Aug 25, 2002
AIDS and Chronic lymphocytic leukemiaAug 25, 2002
Biopsy results; what is reactive lymphoid hyperplasia?May 26, 2002
Non-Hodkins Lymphoma Burkitts-like recurrence; Is it too late?May 26, 2002
Is it normal for lymph nodes to fight off common infections?May 26, 2002
Could I have lymphoma? I feel like I'm dying.May 26, 2002
15 months swollen nodes, can this be something other than cancer or hiv?May 26, 2002
lymphoma, acyclovir and HAARTMay 26, 2002
Is anyone conducting clinical trials for KS and lymphoma?May 24, 2002
I've had lymphoma. Can I take growth hormone for my lipodystrophy?May 24, 2002
I'm dying and soooooo scared; I love life. Life is a gift. Remember that this virus is deadly.May 16, 2002
What are SHOTTY nodes?May 16, 2002
Hodgkins treatment and red-blood cell problemsMay 5, 2002
painful lymph nodes and malaise for several monthsMay 5, 2002
Is it time for my mother to stop chemo?May 5, 2002
What's my future as a Hodgkin's disease survivor?May 3, 2002
My lymphoma is resistant to chemo. I refuse to die!May 3, 2002
swollen lymphnodes EVERYWHERE, neck, groin, collarbone,armpits,legsApr 27, 2002
Can EBV infection be cured? (EBV is one of the viruses which cause cancer in HIV-infected patients)Apr 27, 2002
Swollen nodes for 4 years; should I be worried?Apr 20, 2002
Lymph nodes everywhere! Are collarbone lymph nodes more likely to be cancer?Apr 20, 2002
Changes in my spleen after transplant for lymphomaApr 20, 2002
How to check for swollen nodes/glandsApr 14, 2002
What do I do when my doctor won't biopsy my lymph nodes?Apr 14, 2002
I've had lymphoma and now I have painful lymph nodes.Apr 4, 2002
Possible Lymphoma? Is it possible to remain lymphoma free once one is in remission?Apr 4, 2002
What do you do when there's a nation-wide shortage of chemotherapy??Apr 3, 2002
Scared to death; I'm getting a stem cell transplant.Mar 31, 2002
I'm cured from Hodgkin's; Am I at risk now for cancers?Mar 31, 2002
The results are in-- Brain Mass-Follow up question of March 17, 02Mar 31, 2002
Reduced dose of chemotherapy; Would that account for multiple relapses?Mar 30, 2002
What is the rationale for the difference in chemotherapy dosage for HIV versus non HIV Patients?Mar 24, 2002
How can I look so well and be soooooo ill?Mar 24, 2002
Really Confused and Scared! Obsessing about lymphoma.Mar 22, 2002
MUGA Scan before transplantMar 17, 2002
Brain Mass; Toxoplasmosis infection versus lymphomaMar 17, 2002
GROWING as opposed to SWOLLEN lymph nodeMar 17, 2002
Why is my swollen lymph node painful?Mar 17, 2002
persistent node-how long?Mar 17, 2002
CT scan or MRI-- which is better to evaluate lymphoma?Mar 13, 2002
CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) related complications: Is it time to treat?Mar 13, 2002
What is a MUGA Scan?Mar 13, 2002
Can PML cause personality change?Mar 13, 2002
Night Sweats; Is this something that I must just continue to tolerate?Mar 13, 2002
Hodgkin's Disease Treatment; which treatment do you prefer?Mar 13, 2002
A few lymphoma related questionsMar 6, 2002
swollen lymph node on chestFeb 23, 2002
Night Sweats and Weight loss; HELP!Feb 23, 2002
blood count during chemotherapy; immature cells present; what does this all mean?Feb 23, 2002
Reply to you Feb 19, 2002 response :Standard of CareFeb 21, 2002
Why isn't there a standard of care for lymphoma?Feb 19, 2002
I survived high grade lymphoma; Is it likely to come back?Feb 17, 2002
Night Sweats- at what point do you worry?Feb 17, 2002
Are swollen lymph nodes a CONSTANT feature in HIV/AIDS?Feb 17, 2002
I have a lymph node; my mom died of cancer; what do you think?Feb 17, 2002
swollen lymph nodes; 2 centimeters in length or diameterFeb 17, 2002
Hodgkins; is my scar tissue normal?Feb 10, 2002
post hodgkins treatment ; what 's appropriate for follow-up care.Feb 10, 2002
please please please please please; swollen lymph nodesFeb 2, 2002
RE: Nightsweats, lymphoma and stem cell transplantJan 30, 2002
Nightsweats; I'm anxious about another relapseJan 29, 2002
My primary care provider is incompetent; I'm pissed!Jan 27, 2002
Chemo Dosage for Hodgkins; Should I start low or start at the regular dose.Jan 27, 2002
my lungs are bad again; I'm tired and I need to rid myself of cancer.Jan 27, 2002
If you have swollen glands and are HIV negative, does this mean that you don't have HIV infection?Jan 25, 2002
Hodgkins disease vs. Hodgkins lymphonaJan 25, 2002
Re: swollen inguinal nodes after protected sex with a prostituteJan 21, 2002
HIV therapy after Hodgkin's diseaseJan 21, 2002
One Last Lymph Node Question- this one is about sizeJan 21, 2002
Lymph node biopsy or not?Jan 21, 2002
Not TB, Is it lymphoma? What else could I have?Jan 21, 2002
I'M STILL STANDING !!! and doing Spectacular. Never give up.Jan 19, 2002
Since when is protected sex with prostitutes risky?Jan 19, 2002
One more stem cell question-- HIV meds during transplantJan 16, 2002
My lymphoma treatments are causing side effects with my eyesJan 13, 2002
Swollen inguinal nodes after sex with a prostituteJan 13, 2002
CT scan and lymph node detection; is there a size minimum?Jan 13, 2002
Do you have to have HIV to get lymphoma of the brain?Jan 12, 2002
Probability of recurrence, survival rate, Burkitt's LymphomaJan 12, 2002
Stem Cell Transplant- can you give me insight?Jan 12, 2002
Do you think I have recurrent lymphoma? Does my KS have anything to do with this?Jan 1, 2002
Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy- How long can it last??Jan 1, 2002
Clinical trials & Support groups- YES !!!Dec 28, 2001
Hodgkin's Disease and chemotherapy--followup to your 12/13 answerDec 28, 2001
Are palpable lymph nodes a normal finding?Dec 24, 2001
I don't believe that I will survive my recurrent lymphoma!Dec 24, 2001
Abnormal Gallium Scan- is it PCP pneumonia or is it from my chemotherapy? My doctor is a total jerk!Dec 23, 2001
What exactly do "swollen glands" mean? How soon after a new HIV infection can swollen glands appear?Dec 23, 2001
Radiation Treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma-- is this enough?Dec 12, 2001
Malignant lymphoma? do I need nuclear scan or beta-2-microglobulin test?Dec 12, 2001
Newly diagnosed with HIV and now with lymph nodes-- should I get them biopsied?Dec 12, 2001
Stage 1A Hodgkins Disease-- Is radiation enough?Dec 10, 2001
swollen lymph node- is this lymphoma?Dec 2, 2001
My surgeon wants to biopsy; my PCP says nothing to worry about-- what to do?Dec 2, 2001
Is a stem cell transplant for me? Would I survive it? How has HIV trashed my body so quickly?Nov 25, 2001
AreNov 25, 2001
Why is my cancer always coming back and everyone else's cancer goes away?Nov 15, 2001
Hodgkin's disease and HIV; why am I soooo tired? Will my CD4 counts rise?Nov 5, 2001
Relapsed AIDS lymphoma; what do you think of my chemotherapy regimen?Nov 4, 2001
Do you think my lymphoma is relapsing?Nov 4, 2001
multiple lymph nodes in neck region; should i be concerned of lymphoma?Oct 28, 2001
Chemotherapy sucks; painful lymphnode despite chemotherapyOct 28, 2001
My brother is wasting away; Hospice has been brought in; Please helpOct 21, 2001
What are my chances of Hodgkin's recurrence? I'm scared.Oct 21, 2001
What's the likelihood that my boy's lymphoma will come back?Oct 21, 2001
Can non-hodgkin's lymphoma destroy the spinal column?Oct 14, 2001
No more chemotherapy for me; chemotherapy is hell on earthOct 14, 2001
Diagnosing lymphoma or other stomach malady; I need to vent.Oct 14, 2001
What should I do about my lymph node? Could it be Hodgkin's?Oct 14, 2001
Should my friend continue HIV medications during chemotherapy?Oct 14, 2001
Lymph node swelling; Should I worry?Oct 1, 2001
Are there lymph nodes near the elbows? near the knees?Sep 30, 2001
Can itchy skin be the only symptom of HIV?Sep 30, 2001
Excruciating rectal pain after my lymphoma treatmentsSep 27, 2001
Lymphoma: How do I know if I have it? What exactly are night sweats?Sep 27, 2001
I am soooooooo tired! Fatigue after chemotherapy. Can I take a break from my HIV meds?Sep 27, 2001
Severe cramps in my calves; I completed chemotherapy 1 month agoSep 27, 2001
Lymph node biopsy; my surgeon couldn't find it at the time of surgerySep 18, 2001
Use of Rituxan in CHOP treatmentSep 18, 2001
New diagnosis of lymphoma; How should I be treated?; What about naturopathic regimen?Sep 16, 2001
How do you start to build yourself back after a year of chemo..When will I feel alive again??Sep 8, 2001
Could my lungs be inflammed from chemotherapy? from Ziagen? I have lymphomaAug 23, 2001
Lymphoma and a CD4 count of 271-- Is it possible to come down with PCP pneumonia?Aug 18, 2001
Do HIV drugs prevent lymphoma from popping up?Aug 18, 2001
What is prednisone withdrawal?Aug 18, 2001
Blue Green Algae-- Is it safe to take with chemotherapy?Aug 13, 2001
My brother Has lymphoma; Is it worth it to go through all the treatments?Aug 12, 2001
Do my lymph nodes harbor lymphoma?Aug 3, 2001
Negative Gallium Scan. Do I need to complete the chemotherapy?Aug 3, 2001
Itchy skin-- It's driving me crazy!!Jul 31, 2001
Worried about a delay in chemotherapy! I am mad.Jul 29, 2001
Itchy skin; is my lymphoma acting up?Jul 19, 2001
Why do doctors not look at the big picture? Tell me that my attitude and outlook are an inspirationJul 19, 2001
My brother's lymphoma; will the HIV medications help it go away?Jul 17, 2001
My brother's AIDS-related lymphoma. Will he be okay?Jul 7, 2001
My CD4 count is way too high; I had lymphomaJul 5, 2001
What is lymphadenopathy ?? Should I be worried?Jul 5, 2001
Recovery from Brain Lymphoma-- What are the Chances?Jun 29, 2001
Hodgkins and HIV; Will my CD4 counts go up? What's the Likelihood of Relapsing?Jun 29, 2001
re:Limphoma of the tonsil.Can it be masked by infection?Jun 23, 2001
Chemo Dread! I feel isolated!Jun 19, 2001
Re hip pain questionJun 10, 2001
Should I push my brother to take HIV meds?Jun 10, 2001
Can lymphoma come back? I'm scared.Jun 9, 2001
My brother has lymphoma; should he start HIV meds?Jun 2, 2001
Is my hip pain related to my lymphoma?Jun 2, 2001
Neutropenia (low white count) from nowhereJun 1, 2001
Scared; Guys in the waiting room have died!Jun 1, 2001
Persistent Hot Spot on Gallium ScanMay 29, 2001
How do I deal with myMay 29, 2001
HIV meds while on lymphoma therapyMay 28, 2001
How long does it take to develop lymphoma?May 28, 2001
How long does it take to develop lymphomaMay 28, 2001
Re question you answered on AIDS.May 24, 2001
This chemotherapy is too tough on me!!May 20, 2001
Lymphoma of the tonsil? Can it be masked by infection?May 15, 2001
Lymphoma info from AIDS research.May 10, 2001
spreading lumps in my neckMay 6, 2001
Prolonged use of Testosterone and lymphoma riskMay 6, 2001
chemotherapy; am I getting enoughMay 3, 2001
low cd4 and viral loadMay 3, 2001
lymphoma- is stem-cell transplantationMay 2, 2001
Can Gallium scan show something other than cancerApr 29, 2001
KS lesion appears while receiving CHOPApr 29, 2001
Non-Hodgkins and AIDS; my uncleApr 22, 2001
lymphoma; new diagnosis and chest pain/esophagitisApr 22, 2001
Lymphoma- When did I get itMar 25, 2001
need for spinal tap and bone scanMar 25, 2001
Do people without HIV, but with NHL have low CD4's? Timing of diagnosisMar 16, 2001
CHOP chemotherapy and vitamin supplementation; Rectal abscessMar 10, 2001
what cause the itching with lymphomaMar 10, 2001
I've completed chemotherapy and I'm scaredMar 2, 2001
Confused about chemo dosing; Loss of chemotherapy as a security blanketMar 2, 2001
There is HOPE after a diagnosis of lymphomaMar 2, 2001
Lymphoma; IL-2 to boosts CD4 cellsMar 2, 2001
Is halving CHOP dose still effective?Mar 2, 2001
Adult T-Cell LeukemiaMar 2, 2001
How long before I don't have to worry about recurrenceMar 2, 2001
Declining CD4s from chemotherapy.Mar 2, 2001
New trials or existing treatments for high grade nhlMar 2, 2001
Tired of it all! (chemotherapy for lymphoma)Mar 2, 2001
prevention for neutropenia and possible infectionsMar 2, 2001
declining CD4s with chemotherapyMar 2, 2001
choices other than CHOPMar 2, 2001
acyclovir as a preventative for AID related lymphomaMar 2, 2001
lymphoma; Neuropathies from vincristineMar 2, 2001
Help, my brother in law has AIDS/lymphoma testMar 2, 2001
Is checking central nervous system critical?Mar 2, 2001
Dad diagnosed with lymphomaMar 2, 2001
husbands lymphoma returned after stem cell transplantMar 2, 2001
use of testosteroneMar 2, 2001
recent lymphoma diagnosis -- HelpMar 2, 2001
Lymphoma questions(many)Mar 2, 2001
HIV and fearfulMar 2, 2001
lymphomaMar 2, 2001
Life expectancyMar 2, 2001
AIDS and Non-Hodgkins on the riseMar 2, 2001
Recurrent symptoms (sweats, smells); is my lymphoma back?Mar 2, 2001
lymphoma and newly diagnosed with HIVMar 1, 2001
i am scared: my dad has AIDS-lymphoma; he's not himselfMar 1, 2001
Is it safe to continue CHOP? anal fissureMar 1, 2001
Brain Cancers in AIDS Infected PatientsMar 1, 2001
My lymph nodes; am I prone to lymphomaMar 1, 2001
Lymphoma followupSep 15, 2000
Lower leg swelling with irregular brownish red spots/KS?Sep 7, 2000
Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCNSL)Jan 5, 1998
HIV and Lymphoma...are they related?Dec 4, 1997
Lymphoma non hodgkinsOct 21, 1997
LymphomaFeb 4, 1997



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